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angelsgrace 11-07-2009 10:59 PM

Good three horse floats
Hi guys i have a dilemma with horse floats at the moment we are looking at a 6c 4wd but i'm looking for a float that will cart 3-4 horse one can be a pony,

and thats an ok price but we don't want living space or really a angle load i like the floats that have a walk throu sort of thing like like a normal ramp at the back but at the front there is a ramp to lead the horse out on
i have two large horses and a pony

XivoShowjumper 11-12-2009 08:30 AM

I have a.... uh what is it.... Bueno!!! its 3 large horses - 2x 16hh and 1x 17.2hh is a usual load for us- or four ponies ....its not for sale but i have seen a few like ours out there!!!

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