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smrobs 11-10-2009 12:29 AM

Question on fleabitten grays.
Question for all you genetics knowledgeable people out there. On gray horses as they fade out, sometimes they will develop "fleabites" where their base color remains in small spots. I have always just heard that referred to as a fleabitten gray. I was recently told that there are different terms that are more descriptive depending on what color the fleabites are; palomino, chesnut, black, etc. Does anyone know if this is true or what the terms may be?

Lobelia Overhill 11-10-2009 06:56 AM

My first pony was a fleabitten grey and I used to ride an Arab that was fleabitten grey, neither of them 'faded' from another shade of grey. I do know a mare who was a very dark dapple grey who has now faded to fleabitten grey.

Don't think I've ever seen anything other that brown 'freckles' on a white coat ...

smrobs 11-10-2009 07:13 AM

I have a gray that has some buckskin fleabites that are showing up as he fades and I was just wondering if there was anything to what this guy told me about there being different names for the different color fleabites.

Boots and Spurs 11-13-2009 12:53 AM

The definition of "Flea-bitten" is a gray having small black or reddish specks or spots on a predominantly white background.

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