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TurkishVan 04-25-2014 12:16 AM

Not stolen, but sold long ago!
I'm inquiring about a horse that was sold a while back.
My friend used to have a beautiful Mustang, but had to sell him about 10 years ago due to some family issues. She's looking for him now, and all she knows is that he was sent to a sale barn and sold to a camp for riding of some type. Here's some info about the horse and location:

Previously located in southwest Iowa.
Horse breed: Mustang (there's a white Mustang brand on the left side of his crest, but we couldn't make out the details in pictures)
Sex: Gelding
Name: "Little Joe" or "Joe"
Coloring: Red roan with black mane and tail, and heavier black feathering.
Conformation: Has a shorter back, but a very striking appearance. Very upright neck. Honest to goodness, he looks like a roan Friesian.
Height: Probably around 15.3-16.1 hh.
Age: He'd be about 18-19 years old by now.
Training: Very gentle, ridden western and English. My friend claims he had natural collection, which made him very comfortable to ride.

If you or anyone has heard anything about a horse that matches this description, please let me know! My friend lives in town, so she can't own horses anymore, but she would dearly love to see him. He sounded like her once-in-a-lifetime companion.

Thank you!

TurkishVan 04-25-2014 12:18 AM

I have been in contact with several riding camps around the state of Iowa, but no luck so far. This horse may have been sold to a private owner, that volunteered him for camp work. I'm trying to spread the word any way I can. Maybe if someone owns him, and searches for his coloring online, they'll see this.

He sounded like my friend's best friend during some hard times in her life. I know she'd love to see him again!

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