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xxBarry Godden 11-10-2009 06:43 AM

Computer aided Gait Analysis
A computerised system utilising a laptop , a high speed camera & analytical software can help enable a vet or a farrier to view in slow motion a horse's movement .
The vet can look for lameness
the farrier can detect any irregularities in the lower leg and foot actions.

Has anyone in the Forum had experience of the use of this technique
in veterinary work?
or in farrier work?

Has anyone seen this technique applied to the analysis of a rider's seat?

All comments gratefully received.

Barry G

Gidji 11-10-2009 06:55 AM

Although that technology sounds fascinating to me, I personally would not rely on it.
A vet cannot feel heat through a camera. He cannot touch the foot, and feel soreness.
I feel technology is just taking over everything. I'm not saying its a bad thing and in some cases it can be quite helpful, but experience and knowledge and just being in certain situations benefit everyone.

xxBarry Godden 11-10-2009 10:56 AM

I have no doubts that the graphs have to be interpreted
by a vet or farrier.
I also have no doubts that the gaits of each breed will produce a different graph.
I also doubt if every vet and farrier is competent.

But has anyone in the Forum seen the equipment used and were the results helpful?

Barry G


CloudsMystique 11-10-2009 11:38 AM

My vet told me about this... They put the horse on some sort of treadmill, right?

He said he'd love to see how it would work with a gaited horse. It was while he was complaining about how hard it was going to be to figure out what was wrong with my mare's leg when she can't trot, haha.

Sorry, though... I've never used it or seen anyone used it. I've just heard about it.

xxBarry Godden 11-10-2009 01:29 PM

The technology is not new and some US Universities have been experimenting with it for 10 years.

The horse is led along a flat surface at walk or trot in front of a high speed camera. The resulting image is analysed with specialist software and every frame can be reproduced as if in slow motion. A trace can thereby be created of the horse's action. One can see what is too fast for the eye to see.

It should be appropriate for determining what is happening when a horse has a gait "deformity" or when a horse is lame. Farriers can use it to help weigh balance shoes eg for horses which dish.

In the UK the technology is known about but not often used. I was hoping that members of the H Forum in the US might have seen it in use and that they could comment about its effectiveness.

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