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CowGirlUp9448 11-10-2009 02:39 PM

Anyone have hedgehogs? Thinking about getting one :)
I was wondering if anyone has any hedgehogs? If so tell me everything about them LOL... Oh and post pics too hehe
Oh and to be clear, this isn't a inpulse buy and I have researched them, been looking for one for several years now.. Haha so this has been planned and completly thought through. I just wanted to get some input from actual owners. Also any really good sites you may know of would be great as well :)

I have wanted one forever but haven't been able to find one locally in my budget. I have found one though :) She is 12 weeks old. A snowflake, they called her. The owner told me she is friendly but is in the middle of "quilling". She's been handled but the owner dosen't have enough time for her anymore. She recently got a full time job.

Also this is what she sent me about her. Let me know if the price is okay for everything that's coming with her. :)

"With the snowflake hedgehog comes a new flying saucer wheel, a fleece blanket for in the cage (she sleeps in this), a bigger fleece blanket for holding her on your lap and to dry her after baths, some dry cat food, some toys, a water bottle, the cage that was sold to me (two large plastic bins connected by a plastic pipe-- very good to give your hedgehog space! she plays in one bin and then sleeps and eats in the other bin), and a heat lamp with a red bulb. Because I am giving so much more away with the white one, I am asking for $150 for her and her supplies."

Is that a decent price for her and her supplies? She is an hour and a half from me. I'm thinking about asking her if she will meet me kind of half way.
What should I use to bring her home in? I don't think they make "Pet carriers" small enough lol But I can leave her in the cage to bring her home because the cage will be in the back of my truck and i don't want her to become to called and want to have her inside the truck with me. But she said she is a little grumpy due to being in the middle of quilling, so I think holding her is out of the question. lol

Cheshire 11-10-2009 06:13 PM

We've had two hedgehogs -- salt and pepper females -- unfortunately both were from a terrible breeder so they had serious health concerns in the long run due to inbreeding, but they are certainly lovely little animals. My mother is working to open a hedgie rescue. :)

You said you've been doing your research and for that I commend thee! Too many people are too lazy to even use the frakin google engine. I think 150 sounds like a fair price for her. Snowflakes are cute. Some stuff I can tell you (sorry if you already know!) :

- Do not use cedar or pine shavings for bedding. There is some debate around the issue, it seems as if a toxin in these substances may cause some certain types of cancer and respiratory issues. Cedar shouldn't be used for any small mammals, really. You can use aspen...we used CareFresh (which is like paper mulch) and loved it. It's soaks up stuff easily and doesn't smell as strong.
- Get her a big wheel. Hedgies LOVE wheels -- just make sure it has no bars and is solid, else her widdle feets and spindle legs might get hurt.
- If you can stomach it, buy a small tin of live mealworms for her. Keep them in the fridge -- the cold makes them hibernate, and they last a while. Ours absolutely adored live mealworms as treats. Low fat cottage cheese is something else our older one would go crazy after. Cat food, as long as it is high quality, is a good choice. Dry food should be a staple, but it is good to supplement her diet with fruits and veggies, cooked meats, even crickets (mealworms are easier to handle, though!)

Also make sure to keep her from experiencing too much of a varying temperature...if they get too cold they can go into a semi-hibernative state and wobble around and such, it's not too good for them. They do enjoy being outside when the weather permits it, as long as there are no chems on the grass etc..

I'm not too sure what else you know so I'll shut up here, but do ask me any questions!

I sewed a pouch out of a wash rag and made a strap for it, stuffed it full of soft stuff and would carry around Maggie May (our oldest) with me on roadtrips during the summer when it was warmer. She loved digging in the sand at the beach.

They have so much's so cute when they "frown" with the quill in front of their eyes, ha.

Edit: To bring her home, I would somehow get ahold of one of those cardboard little pet carriers that they use at chain pet stores for hamster and such. You can also put some washcloths (be sure there are no strings) in a pillowcase, put her inside and tie up the loose ends, so she can sit in your lap that way. It may or may not work, depending on her activity level, but it might help keep her quiet and not so stressed on the way. Perhaps find a small basket or tubberware tub big enough for her (so she can't climb), layer it with soft stuff and use that? is a good site to visit.

Good luck and I am so jealous, btw. I want a hedgie again. ): more thing: When they smell something they really like, they will sometimes foam up and then spread that lather on their spines. I have forgotten the technical word for it, but it can make the tiny puncture wounds you will get from her spines itch a bit. Harmless though.

CowGirlUp9448 11-10-2009 06:46 PM

Thanks so much. I knew most of what you said but hearing it from someone who has them and know's it works is always better IMO.

To update a little I talked with the owner on the phone. She had went out on her lunch break and found me a "hedgie carrier" from Petsmart Haha... And she told me more things come with her then what's listed. She was at work and didn't have enough time to type it all. She is using aspen bedding and feeding dry cat food along with fruits and veggies :) I asked her what I should have ready for when she gets here and she was like nothing I have it all ready lol.. Other then treats of course hehe :)

After speaking with her over the phone, I am looking to go pick her up on Thursday :) If all goes well and nothing comes up for either of us that is. And I will def. post a million pics after she settles in. I'm so excited.

If anyone else would like to tell me anything feel free to also if you have pics post them LOL :)

CheyAut 11-16-2009 06:44 AM

Did you get her? I'm jealous, they are illegal here :(

bubblegum 11-16-2009 06:50 AM

i have never heard of a hedgehog as a pet, but i do see lots of them around here especially at this time of year squished on roads, but most of them survive, we bring them to the vets, dont think you can have them as pets here but good luck and hope all goes well cant wait to see pictures

nphedgies 11-16-2009 07:59 PM

We are a small hedgehog breeder. Please feel free to visit our website where we have lots of information posted on how to care for a hedgehog properly. Northern Plains Hedgehogs - Home

Here are a few basics:

Cage: Have something with ample room for them to move/run around. Also, be sure to invest in a wheel, as they will run all night long. Our cages also have a litter box, an igloo, pvc tube, and a few other things.

Food: If you go to the website, click on the diet and nutrition section, there is a sticky at the top that lists the best food to give to you hedgehog

Grooming: Never bathe your hedgehog more than once a month. Trim toenails at least twice a month. Handle your hedgehog daily to get him used to you.

Temp - Keep your temp somewhere in between 72-85 degrees, depending on your hedgehog. We keep ours at a steady 75 degrees. Any lower than 70 they might hibernate.

I hope this helps

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