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HalfPass 11-10-2009 03:03 PM

My horses anxiety and my anxiety!
Hey everyone.
I got a second horse a few weeks ago and she arrived last week. My horse Ty and my new horse Candi have lived on the same property before. Across from one another but unable to touch.

When Candi arrived i put them next to each other in the big barn with an indoor arena.

Now since Candi came Ty has gone bazerk when I work with her.

Another thing i had noticed before Candi even arrived was that ever since I moved Ty from an outdoor pipe paddock with a run in into the big barn his attitude and behavior changed. He has never been in a facility quite like this. He became way more pushy. He would spend the entire day in his stall looking out the door into the indoor. Just staring (sp) at the activity. He has a choice to be in the stall or walk outside to in his paddock.

The only reason I moved him into the big barn was because everyone freaked out over a small storm we had at the end of Sept. and moved their horses into the big barn which would have left Ty all alone out there.

So...back to our anxiety. I moved Ty into the smaller barn where I board because the paddock is bigger out there. He has joint issues and the more room he has the better. And, also I moved him to seperate him from Candi.

He can still look across and see her and many other horses and soon there will be a new horse moving in a few stall/paddocks down from him in the little barn he is now in.

Our anxiety.
I feel bad because he is so anxious and is pacing and pacing in circles in his new paddock. At the same time this is all transpiring he has also been learning how to be turned out on pasture for two hours a day. But, this has been an ongoing process for the last month because he gets anxious and starts to pace and get riled out in the turnouts. We finally had him out for 2 whole hours yesterday.

I saw him laying down today and I have never really seen him lay down. I walked over and saw that he was not really in any distress. I think he was just resting. He eventually rolled and got up to follow me around.

When I left he was crying out for either me or for Candi. Candi went to turn out for the first time today, so she was not in her stall/paddock where he could see her.

I am hoping this will start to get better in a week or so. I just want the best for him. He is a very special horse to me and to my family. Unfortunately he has joint issues and he is pretty young.

One thing I hear from others at my barn is two opposites. Some say to spoil him during the transition and others say to distance myself while he adjusts.
Candi is going into training starting tomorrow, so maybe seeing someone else working with her besides me will help.

I guess I am confused as to what will help and what might not.. I in no way want to make it harder for him to adjust...

Any encouragement or suggestions would be great. He is in this location to stay....I will not move him to another location on the property again.
He has had enough going on already!


Canopach01 11-10-2009 03:42 PM

Are you still able to work TY or are his joint issues limiting his riding time? It really sounds like TY needs a buddy. TB's are very social - it sounds like TY doesnt have anyone to interact with. A TB on my farm is very stuck on my 25yr old QH on the farm - the two stall next to each other with a window in the dividing wall where they can talk and they share a pasture. He is much much happier when he is with his buddy. Will holler and cause a big stink when he is out with anyone else even if they can still see each other across fence lines. Maybe a calming supplement would be beneficial during this time. Good Luck - I know this can be a difficult thing to deal with.

MissDiva 11-10-2009 09:16 PM

I'm not sure if it's just me being a little bit too tired or if your post really does jump all over the place, but I had a bit of a hard time understanding it. If he has the little paddock right now, why not get him a goat?

TwisterRush 11-10-2009 09:34 PM

If i may ask, and sorry if i had missed this, but why did you split them up ?
He seems to be very attached to the new girl and i think his behaviour is because he is not close to where he can really socialize with her.
My TB *possible cross*, ive had him for a week and almost 2 weeks and he is already very attached to my dads horses, i was hoping to move him into the corral for more room and eating area that is across my drive way.
He got really anxious and i had to move him back to where he was because he was away from his 'herd'

Sounds to me like you have a buddy sour horse.
But im sure that happens to everyone eventually !

HalfPass 11-10-2009 11:47 PM

Hello all.
I cannot get a goat because i am a boarder there.
Before Candi came Ty was already having some issues. Not just with his joints but his attitude as well. Once he was moved into the big barn in Sept his attitude changed and he has had a bit of a hard time.
I was already having difficulty getting him to be "okay" with being turned out for 2 hours. In the begining he was only able to go out about 20 minutes before having a fit.
Then when Candi arrived things got worse. Now you have to understand that Ty and Candi were both bred by my family and they were raised on the same farm. Over the years they have both been at my parents together up until June when Ty came here.
So it is not like they just met or anything like that.

I wanted to move Ty into a bigger area so he has more room to move around.
Plus he did better mentally and physically when he had more room.
The other reason I moved him is because he was getting way to uspset when I was working with Cnadi.
His new stall and paddock are somewhat bigger than when he and Candi were next to eachother. He is now in a place where he can see bunches of horses and Candi too. He just can't touch them over the fence. there is a small driveway that seperates the two barns. There is one other horse kitty corner from Ty in his barn, and another horse will be coming into that small barn in the next week or so. That is a good thing for Ty.

Yes Ty's joint issues seem to be continuing to bother him. I also am planning to call the chiro to see if he can come next week because I know the weather will prevent him from coming over the mountain this week.

In the meantime ...I just keep Ty moving. Tomorrow i will take him for a walk and then out to pasture for a few hours.

I appreciate all the support...
I have no kids so my horses are my
Ty is such a special horse to me and I hate for him to be so upset. I will look into some calming stuff if he is the same tomorrow when I go to the barn'
Any suggestions on which product is the best???
Any idea how long before it starts to work once you feed it to them??
Sorry if my post jumped all over. I was full of total anxiety when I typed the message.
One gal from the barn left me a message tonight saying Ty was fine when she left work. And, Candi was good coming in from turnout. Today was the first time she has been to that part of the property.
Halfpass is having growing pains with along with Ty

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