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close2prfct 11-11-2009 09:37 PM

Who uses smartpaks?
I was curious who on here uses smartpaks? and which supplements do you use?

JumpingTheMoon 11-11-2009 10:06 PM

I do. I use their CoolCalories for weight gain on my thoroughbred and also Hoof & Health. Quite happy with both supplements. Love the pre-measured scoops.

close2prfct 11-11-2009 10:24 PM

Cool I ordered cool calories this evening for Justice he's dropped some weight with the fluctuation of temps and lack of good quality hay this time of year. I wanted to get some back on him before winter sets in hard. How long does it take to see weight gain?

MyBoyPuck 11-11-2009 10:31 PM

I used to use Smartpaks, but stopped because it's $7 a month to have them shipped and also, they took the extra responsible step to make the packaging recycleable, but everyone throws them in the trash. I stopped using the pre-made ones as a matter of principle.

Off soapbox now.

I do like their products. Smartgain worked great for my horse to put on weight. It smells like cookie dough and it's not wicked expensive. I buy the big bucket and make the daily packs up using reusable plastic containers.

Equina 11-12-2009 02:07 AM

I do!

I just take myself off the "instant refill every 28 days" thing and order it manually each month (or a few months worth at a time) to avoid the $7 shipping each time. There is ALWAYS a free shipping code on to use when I place my order.

I also like that I know exactly when I need to bring more supplements to the barn (he is boarded). I don't have to constantly check his tub to see if I need to bring more. I just have every 28 days marked on my calendar. Plus, if I go refill at 28 days and there are a bunch of Paks left, I know my horse is not getting his supplements and can "remind" his caretaker. =)

Equina 11-12-2009 02:18 AM

I almost forgot! I also use coupon code SPETS2-5 (along with the current free shipping code) to get $5 off. And that is $5 off EACH I just give each supplement a different horse name and wah-lah! $5 off each 28-day supply of supplements!

I also use their handy comparison charts to find a high dose supplement, and then do a .5 scoop. For example, my farrier recommended I give my horse 10mg of biotin each day. Well, a 1/2 scoop of Grand Hoof Pellets is 10mg and only 30 cents per day. The cheapest 10mg (full scoop) biotin supplement is Shoer's Friend for 44 cents/day.

Also, whenever you get supplements for a new horse, they send it in a 16 qt Steralite drawer. So, every time you rename your horse for that $5 savings, it comes in a drawer. Well, what are you going to do with all those drawers? Sell them on craigslist? Exchange them at your local retailer for some cat food?

Oh SmartPak, I love you!

Plus, they have awesome products and amazing customer service.

hhadavis 11-12-2009 01:32 PM

I recently starting using their supplement about 3 months ago...and I love them...I dont like the almost 8 dollar shipping costs but as stated previously they do offer free shipping codes on their magazines at times. I find them very reasonable and they really do care that you like their products..they have called me two or three times now to see how my horses are doing on the supplements or why I changed a couple times on the supplements. I have Breeze, my mare, on smartmsm pellets, for 10.00 (28 days) I couldnt say its expensive and it has helped her overall feeling/attitude alot. She has a prior hock injury as well as a family (moms side) history of stifle issues (no major issues there for me yet) so I wanted to put her on some type of joint supplement because her hock/rear leg does get stiff with weather changes etc...well with in a few days I could tell/feel the difference. She just seems to feel better, more fluid I guess you would say....its just something I can tell I guess, and she rides with more perk in her step. Cochise, my paint gelding, has had some issues since he came back from a trainer (some things I now have to redo), hes more jumpy, nervous after doing some reading on this website about how jumpy he was about his abdomen area/sides, I tried the smartdigest ultra to see if maybe he was having digestive issues due to stress etc...well it has calmed his sensitivity to his sides alot and he was always the slow eater, and hes eating a little faster now. So maybe I solved the issues..I like the smartpak suplements because for the most part they wont break your pocketbook and I can switch (without ill effects) products until I find one that does help with his symtoms. I have one board horse, TB, who is terrible about weightgain(too skinny for me but hard to gain weight), so tried the smartgain 4, which did help some, his coat became like velvet and smelled awesome..but didnt put the weight so much on, so I switched to the cocosoyo,will have to see if that works better. I do like the smartpaks because if Im not there it says on the paks who gets what and its already measured. Thats handy...I really feel that they are trying to benefit your horses..and they also cater to canines too.

Alwaysbehind 11-12-2009 01:57 PM

I love smart pak.

My horse is on Smartvite Easy Keeper Grass, Smart Tendon and Smart shine.


Originally Posted by My Boy Puck
I used to use Smartpaks, but stopped because it's $7 a month to have them shipped and also, they took the extra responsible step to make the packaging recycleable, but everyone throws them in the trash. I stopped using the pre-made ones as a matter of principle

Bolding mine.

$7 shipping is not that much in the grand scheme of shipping and handling. Dover and those charge quite a bit more. Most of the places with free shipping charge you freight on most supplements because of the weight. You can also add anything to the order you want for that same shipping. And if the shipping is that much of an issue, there is almost always a free shipping code out there to be used.

Everyone does not throw them in the trash. Maybe the people you know do. But everyone does not. Did you provide your BO with a container to put the used packaging in so you could take it home and recycle it yourself if it is that important to you?

You do realize that SmartPak uses recycled material to make those containers, don't you?

SmartPak has the BEST customer service ever!

JumpingTheMoon 11-12-2009 02:10 PM

I saw results in just a month or so. I recycle our smartpaks so their efforts don't go wasted. Everyone in our barn does. We have a bin in the feed room just for them (lots of horses use smartpak at my barn). I'm not a fan of the shipping but really, the customer service makes up for it. I've been able to get fairly quick responses to any question I've asked them. I like that much better than say going to the local TSC and having the staff member look at me like I sprouted a third eye.

JumpingTheMoon 11-12-2009 02:11 PM

Oh.. forgot to add, if there is more than one person at your barn ordering smartpak (whatever kind or container it comes in) you can set it up so that you get a "barn buddy" discount. It's a few dollars but it's better in my pocket than theirs!

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