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Lissa003 10-24-2007 11:02 PM

It has been a little over a week since I lost Prancer. Prancer was a 20 year old quarter horse. She was a great friend and confidant to me. We spent 9 wonderful years together. Prancer's personality was very distinct and she had quite an attitude (which resulted in me hitting the dirt several times.) She was a fierce competitor when it came to speed shows and it showed by the number of ribbons we attained. No matter what she gave everything she had and enjoyed life. Prancer also was a lover of music and it would calm her to hear someone sing to her.
Prancer spent the last few years with weight issues. Her grandfather was quite skinny in his old age so we did not think much of it and just tried to make sure she had enough supplements to perhaps help pack on the pounds. Recently this year, however, we noticed a lump between Prancers back legs. We took her to the vet and had it removed. The vet did not think it was anything to worry about but had a biopsy done on the lump. It turns out that it was a form of lymphoma. He told us that she would get more lumps on her body and eventually they would find thier way inside of her if they hadn't already. He said that eventually she would starve to death, unless of course, we had her put down first. She was doing well (not losing any weight) until about a month ago. She got an open wound and had a large amount of pus. For a few days she seemed listless but she recieved antibiotics and seemed to feel much better. The problem is that the wound did not heal. In fact the next week she had two open wounds with pus and another week later she had found open wounds. The wounds just wouldn't heal even after 2 rounds of antibiotics. She was not in good shape and we had her put down. I was there when they came out and stood by her side. I would not let her be alone and she had no idea what was going to happen. On October 15, 2007 Timberlanes Prancer left the physical world. This was the hardest decision I ever had to make because she still had her fighting spirit but I knew that she would never make a real recovery. I love her very much and hope to add pictures so you can see my baby.

Vidaloco 10-25-2007 07:25 AM

So sorry for your loss :( sounds like you had some really great years together and I'm sure it was a comfort to you both that you could be there at the end.

PoptartShop 10-25-2007 09:07 AM

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Aw I'm very sorry for your loss. :(

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