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bellamuerte 11-13-2009 02:58 PM

My horses hooves
My horse got founder for 5 months ago, and here is some pictures taken saturday (08.11.09). I want to here what you think about this barefoothooves.

Right front:

Left front:

Note: She was shod with cytekshoes on her front feet in June, but in july we asked the farrier to take them of, because the horse had pain in her feets. She has been a barefoothorse in 3 years with shoes on sometimes, just to hear the sound of the "click-clack", so, when we got the cytek off, she was so sore that she couldnt walk down or swing... She is better now, the sole has got the concavity back. When we got here shoes off, the hooves were in awful shape.. I never want to see my horse like that again!!!

bellamuerte 11-13-2009 04:00 PM

bellamuerte 11-13-2009 04:09 PM

Blogposts with photos of my horses hooves from july to nov. The blog is in Norwegian, but you can still look at the pictures.

30th july 2009
So you need help Tonje Askelands personlige blogg

01th sept 2009
down that road before Tonje Askelands personlige blogg

3th oct 2009
Hovoppdatering Tonje Askelands personlige blogg

bellamuerte 11-15-2009 03:21 AM


barefoothooves 11-15-2009 04:34 PM

Looking at the pictures you posted, you've taken good care of him. I can clearly see the giant ripples from the inflammation that have grown down about halfway.

Him being a bit tender after removing the shoes is probably from the way his front feet are thin soled at the toe. See those slight humps before the white line at the toe? It is more noticeable in the right front than in the left front. That that tells me, along with the deep collateral grooves (or you may know them as commissures) along the frog at the heel, that he's lacking enough sole at the toe right now, but has a slight excess at the heels of horn.

I would say he would be ouchy on rocks or even concrete right now. What I would do, is have my trimmer take the heels down a little, maybe 4 millimeters on a plane that follows that hump as if it were the p3 bone (it actually IS the p3 pressing down on the sole and is what you should base your angle off of). Only from the rear quarters to the heels would you lower it, and of course, less material removed at the quarters than at the heels.
Then, refresh your bevel, without removing ANY toe height, but keep it beveled after you trim the heels. Leavet the "humps" at the toe.The bars may need shaved off to prevent excess after trimming the heels,but that's all I would recommend right now.

For the hind feet, the heels may be just a tad long. The horn tubules are growing at a much lower angle than the at the toe, incicating some crushing of the heels, or that they are trying to run forward. Just bring them down a few millimeters. They should begin at the widest part of the frog, where it meets the heel bulbs.

Overall, he's looking great!! Once that lump at the toe disappears,on its own, he should be less tender. Right now he's simply lacking enough sole material at the toe, but that will correct itself if you keep up the good trims and protect his feet with boots or only ride in softer terrain until then. Looks like he grows fast, so perhaps within another 3-4 months, he could be completely healed. Beautiful bevel, by the way!

bellamuerte 12-14-2009 08:05 AM

Thank you for answer!

I havent been here for a long time, had to much to do. But i aprecciate (correctly write?) your comments about her hooves.

Last week I got Simple Boots to her, but she is not specially sore atm and the inflammation is almost outgrown now! New pics in the weekend, thought... :D

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