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AKPaintLover 10-25-2007 07:18 PM

New Saddle

This is a picture of the Crates Supreme Reiner that I just put an order in for. I have spent a lot of time trying to find a saddle that would fit Dez and that I could use in most of my western type activities. I think this is showy enough to use in any of my western classes around here (I am not a big fan of silver, because you have to clean it) :). I have also heard from a lot of people that the Crates saddles fit QH built horses very well - so hopefully this will solve my fitting issues. I Tried another Crates saddle before ordering this one, and it fit quite nicely.

What do you guys think of this saddle?
Has anyone on here heard anything about esle about Crates saddles?

I will not get this saddle for at least two months because it is just now being made.

Vidaloco 10-25-2007 07:42 PM

I have never heard a bad thing said about Crates saddles. Does the one you ordered have all that tooling? Its very pretty and looks comfy. I like it when the saddle maker puts the twist in the sturrups so you don't have to fight them and work them into a twist yourself.

kitten_Val 10-26-2007 06:52 AM

I really wanna hear your own experience after you try it out. As for my opinion - it looks nice to show in it, as for quality etc - have no idea. :)

PoptartShop 10-26-2007 10:28 AM

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Nice saddle!
My friend's used Crates & they last awhile! :D
I think yours looks very nice, I can't wait 'till 'ya get it!

AKPaintLover 10-26-2007 01:01 PM

Thanks fot the feedback - I had heard pretty good things about Crates (quality, fit, etc) on my end, but it is good to get as much feedback as possible.

Yeah, the saddle I ordered has that tooling - that is what attracted me to that particular model. A lot of the Crates saddles only have the basket tooling, which was also pretty, but this one was just gorgeous to me.

I will let you guys know what I think of it when I get it, although it will be quite a while :) It is kinda cool to know they are making my saddle right now!

PoptartShop 10-26-2007 04:39 PM

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Yeah, isn't that awesome?! :D
I can't wait 'till 'ya get it, it looks very nice!!

AKPaintLover 11-13-2007 02:01 AM

Yay, my new saddle should be here in about a week...they finished way ahead of their estimated time. I am soooo excited. I will let you guys know what I think of it when it gets her...and how it fits :)

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