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farmpony84 11-17-2009 04:19 PM

Describe your Horse
Ok, I can't draw and I'm not great with photo-shop so I can't offer any prizes but here's a fun one... and if you win you get to be FIRST PLACE! We'll place through 6th place and run the contest for a couple weeks (until the submissions slow down).

Describe your horse in a few paragraphs, as if you were writing a story. Try to include the animals personality if you can. If you do not own a horse, pick a lesson horse that you ride, or describe a friends horse.

Good luck!

katietopaz 11-17-2009 04:59 PM

My horse is amazing. I have only had him for a month and I am so in love with him it is unbelievable! His name is Topaz and he comes to call in the field. If calling Topaz fails he will always come to the name of "Bubba" He is a bright bay irish sports cross arab and has the most fantastic ears. Thy are known as devil ears according to those in the know about arabs and refer to the real big curves on both sides of his ears. He also has a white speck on his bum which he loves to have scratched! He has also got many white marks on his legs from where he got caught in barbed wire. Topaz is the nosiest horse I have ever met and just has to get his nose into everything, be it handbags or saddle cleaner! Although he is a big boy at 15.3, my little sister rides him and she is only 10! He is just AMAZING!

IheartPheobe 11-17-2009 05:38 PM

Diesel is the love of my life! I have only been riding him since Augest but I have loved him forever. He's a big chestnut, around 15-16 hh. He has kind of a funny build, but I love him to bits anyway. He has a strip that's pretty even but not completely. He tries so hard at everything. He'll pick up his hoof before I'm even there.. it's like he reads my mind. He's the one horse I can do anything with and have fun. Just brushing his mane is a good time for us. :) He is very patiant and willing, always tries to do what I ask of him. He absolutely loves pole bending and jumping :) We have done very little pole bending but he gets really into it. He is slow and smooth and perfectt. He is nearly perfect with transitions. Can be a little tough with steering but not if you ride him right and has been getting better <3 He is totally friendly with other horses, but has no problem being without them. He is the love of my life and I never want to give him up (:

VanillaBean 11-17-2009 05:39 PM

My horse, Sheena, is Awesome!To be exact....she is a dark chesnut with a stripe down her elegant head and two high socks on bother her left legs.Also she has the cutest little ears and muzzle. She has a slightly dished nose due to the half arabShe is 16 years old and is a welara, and i think she is beautiful. She loves to jump and gallop. Sheena is not the most social horse, but she has her moments where she gets so sweet you wonder if she was switched with another horse.
She has impeccable ground manners, and fair riding manners, because she is very strong. She loves candy, especially gummy worms and doughnuts.
She is incredibly fast. And i'm not kidding. She goes into another gear when you want her to. It gets scary, but i know she would never do anything to hurt me.
Sheena is a princess. And she knows it. She doesn't even like to step in mud or get too dirty whilst rolling. She will let me hop on her bareback without a halter or anything and let me steer her with my legs.
She is a sweetie. I love her, and I can tell she loves me also <3.
__________________________________________________ _____________________

Great contest ideah


ShutUpJoe 11-17-2009 05:59 PM

There once was a very old mare who was bred to very fine stud. The result was a pretty filly, solidly the color of mud. The filly's lines were champions of the halter ring. Yet, her owner decided to do the reining thing. So she sent her to a sale with a trucker. Where her new owner bought her because she was a sucker.

After months of kindness and a huge feeding bill. Some bucks, some jumps, some patience and thrills. Piper became a mild mannered sweety. Whose love for attention is often needy. But to her owner she couldn't replace the sun or the moon. I just hope I can ride her soon.

paintsrule 11-17-2009 10:07 PM

If you have any sort of food at all, he'll nose his way up to you and flap his lips around, begging for a piece of anything, no matter how much grass/grain he ate that day. After (when/if) you give him some he will lift his lip up and smile. Even if you lost your food, you cant help but smile to. He has the slowest gaits in the world, but you cant really ask him for them, he only does them when your trying to get somewhere in a hurry. He only tolerates so much hugging and kissing, then he'll turn his head and you can almost see him roll his eyes and glance toward his buddies, hoping they wont notice. He loves to jump (everything. esp.,when youre working on trot overs), and walk off the trails and almost over the cliffs on trail rides.
He will almost always drive you crazy, but hes the cutest thing in the world, and as soon as you get mad, you get happy, because you know youre loved by the biggest, cutest, annoying package of awsomeness ever.

Semperfiwife 11-21-2009 10:18 PM

Gracie means a favor or blessing and that is what she is; a blessing from God. Her color is a deep, beautiful gold in the summer with a beauitful cream mane that reaches past her shoulder. Her eyes are sweet and kind with a heart for me. I see ther eyes sparkle as I walk into sight and my heart sours. She is gentle and kind and willing. Her cute little nose is always on everything, moving her lip over whatever is new in her reach. She is small in stature, but makes up for her size in heart; she loves me enough to remember me after 3 months of recovery. She loves me enought that after she inadvertently stepped on me and crushed my ankle, she stood by me while I hurt and was faithful to me.
Her little black nose is beautiful and soft as she rubs it across my face. Here eyes soak everything in with that deep brown color and her fuzzy little hears follow me. Her hooves are a little too big for the rest of her, but that makes her who she is.
She isn't a halfinger, and isn't a pony, she isn't a quarter horse or the outcome of an exciting planned breeding. She was unwanted, unloved, and unhappy. She is my beautiful masterpiece, my heart, my love even if she isn't anyone else's.

farmpony84 11-22-2009 07:54 PM

These are terrific. I think I'll wait until Friday to "judge" them... Or maybe I should do a poll?

Semperfiwife 11-22-2009 11:02 PM

I like the polls better, but that's just my opinion

Angelhorsegirl 11-23-2009 06:55 PM

For as long as I can remember, I have felt this deep, intimate connection towards horses. When I was a small child, I would spend weeks at my cousin's farm. I would lean against the aged wooden barn, and begin my daydreams of perhaps one day owning my very own horse. I would quietly ponder this thought, while taking in that sweet, gentle aroma of fresh hay. I would listen to the sound of the wind in the trees, my ears finely attuned to pick up even the softest of nickers from the adjoining pasture.

When I landed my first career, I was thrilled. Not at the opportunity to work, but at the opportunity to intern at the city's finest Boarding & Training Horse Stable. I learned a great deal while there, many life lessons, but none as important as the ones taught to me by my greatest teacher, Cody. When I met Cody, I understood what it was like to love someone beyond words. He was perfect, the dream I had been dreaming for so stunning 3 Year Old 14.3hh Buckskin Mustang Gelding, and oh boy did I love every square inch of him! Looking back on it, I'm not sure what drew me to him...he had a temper like no other. He wouldn't allow us near him, we couldn't ride him, it was forbidden. I wanted to train him, to show him, to give him someone to love as I loved him. So, I did. A few years later, we are a team, he and I. The horse that was once terrified, spooky, and spastic, is now a Five Year Old champion Hunter/Jumper pony. We are competing in many local events, and winning big time. When I gaze at the ribbons proudly displayed on my wall, there is only one thing going through my mind. It's not the fact that I won, no, it's a symbol of just how far Cody and I have come, as a team. When everyone else was giving up on my beloved pony, I did not. He taught me how to ride, how to love, how to laugh. He's my life. Mon amore.


[IMG]file:///C:/DOCUME%7E1/mac/LOCALS%7E1/Temp/moz-screenshot.png[/IMG] This is one of my friend's, Kayla riding my pony, Cody. He is a 14.3hh Buckskin Mustang Gelding! Isn't he gorgeous?

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