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cara 10-27-2007 04:28 PM

Picking up feet.????????????????????
Hey. I need more advice Please.
I have gotton Cara used to the head collor. I was worried about her feet as she had big cracks in them and they were long. I rang the guy I baught her off and he said she had never seen a farrier . I was fuming she is 4 and have never had her feet done.
I was so worried about this. I knew we had to start training her to pick up her feet. My hubby started and I must say she is Brillant. 2 day ago she looking a bit lame on and off, So I had the vet today{ I taught she might have a drop} and she was very good again, a little nervous, The vet said she had no drop and he trimmed her feet the front ones, She will get her front ones done every 3 to 4 weeks.

But Now How do we go about doing the back feet . ????????

Any advice would be great thanks.

BluMagic 10-27-2007 04:46 PM

Blu was bad on his feet when we got him. He pawed with the front and kicked out with the back. For the front I just toughed it out and held them tight. For the back, I just rubbed then with lead ropes, towels, anything that would go around his legs. After awhile he got used to it...hope this helps! :-)

jazzyrider 10-27-2007 07:09 PM

this seems to be a hot topic at the moment :) had the same probs with my new wb. bonding techniques, calming techniques and as many people will say, rub towels, ropes etc over back legs. i found this part a little unecessary. he had no issues with the ropes and by rubbing him everywhere during bonding and calming, his back legs were included and this was what we needed him to do. he couldnt give a rats about the rope cause it wasnt going to pick his feet up, our hands were. having said this, if he cant handle the ropes he prob wont handle your hands. try him out, if he doesnt care, focus on the other stuff.

usually this stuff takes time and patience :) but you will get there :)

someone also told me that when you do get hold of the hoof, hold it by the toe as this is a power position or something like that lol whichever way, it helped :)

Vidaloco 10-27-2007 07:30 PM

I'm a little curious why the vet didn't do the backs when he was there. Is she giving you trouble picking up the backs? I would contact the farrier and get him lined up to come out if you haven't already. If she isn't having a pain issue your farrier should know how to deal with a horse not accustomed to being trimmed. She may surprise you. We usually kinda block them up against a panel or wall for a "first trim" but thats my farriers preference. Get as much info on what your hoof maintanence should be from your farrier. I think a 3-4 week trim is a bit much we go 6-8 weeks.

Appyt 10-28-2007 10:48 AM

[quote="Vidaloco".......... I think a 3-4 week trim is a bit much we go 6-8 weeks.[/quote]

Not really if they need to be "fixed" due to bad form/balance issues. For optimal barefoot trimming this would be a great way to get them straightened up faster. a 6-8 week trim works for most people and horses without pathologies. I usually have my trimmer out every 6 weeks and sometimes I tweak before that if they are getting stupid(hooves).. For instance, my 4 yr old roan filly came to me with flat feet and underrun heels.. It is hard to get her heels back under her on a 6 week schedule in summer. If her hooves grow a bit fast she needs some tweakin at 3 weeks. So, it depends on the hoof. :)

To the OP,
To get the back hooves friendlier you should first be sure you can touch them, run your hand down them without worry of being kicked. This is where ropes can help.. You can teach your horse to give her hooves with a rope around the leg.. Don't tie it, just loop it so you hold both ends and have enough rope so you are not in danger. A soft rope is good.. you get the horse used to this being around the leg, up and down etc.. Then you begin to ask by steady pull/pressure for your horse to lift that hoof off the ground. When she does, you release.. Make sense? That way if any kicking goes on you are not in the way. Don't release for kicking, that would be a bad thing. ;) Only release the moment you feel or see the give. Go on from there until you can do it by hand. :).

cara 10-28-2007 07:40 PM

Cara front hoofs are split all the way up. The vet said they need to be trimmed every 3 to 4 weeks to try and get then right, He also said to use some kind of tar to seal the cracks. WE did mention the back feet but I think his taughts were to leave it to the farrier.

I do like the idea of lifting her feet using ropes first but I dont even know if I have the confidence to do it myself. I am so scared of been kicked. I am fine doing any horses front leg but my hubby always does back ones for me{ Chicken I know}

One more thing Cara is 4 now she is in foal and is due in March.
I want to get her broken, will it be ok to do it after the foal is weaned ?????

Appyt 10-28-2007 10:06 PM

My Abe had splits all the way from the ground to his Cband until he blew out an abscess on one. Now that one is growing out nicely.. The other hoof(fronts) crack is very much smaller and is in control now as well since I am using a barefoot trimmer who keeps those cracks out of ground contact. You can soak the hooves in some different types of solutions(Applecider vinegar being one) that will help kill the greebles that like to grow in cracks. I hope your horses cracks grow out for you.

OOPs, I hit enter too soon.. Heck if your hub can work the hinds all the better. :)

kitten_Val 10-29-2007 07:24 AM

Pick up the back feet with the long lead rope. Just make a loop and gently pull it forward. If she gives - release it right away and praise her. When I trained both mine (they never were handled at 2 years old) I did it couple days in row. Do it also while doing ground work, after brushing etc. etc. As long as she's OK with it - go and ask with tapping your hand. In fact I started doing it after 2 or 3 days working with rope. And praise her with carrots, treats for every single pickup and/or hold.

In fact it's not as scary as it sounds. :) And they never tried to kick at me (just were loosing balance a lot - so be ready for that too).
Good luck!

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