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Appy Luvr 11-18-2009 10:25 PM

Arabian Pedigree and Pics
Does anyone know anything about these lines?
Sire: Al Safir Arabian
Dam: Sultans Jasmin Arabian

And what do you think of this filly that's out of them? A very sweet filly.

It's the same baby that Crimson was looking at, just has more pics. She looks a little.....funny? I can't decide why except maybe that she's really little and I'm use to seeing a baby that size out running with its mother. She's been popping up and wanting to come home with me for the past two months or so but I've been resisting as I don't really need another horse....but I've always wanted a grey Arabian and she's really cheap....
So what do you think of her?

RiddlesDarkAngel5 11-19-2009 12:37 PM

her head and neck seem to be built a little funny, but it may be that she just needs to grow into herself since she's so young. i like her back end. she seems to have a nice set of hindquarters. and a gorgeous color. lol and she's got the cutest big ears! thats what i noticed first.

I would definitely go see her in person though so you can get a 360 view of her confirmation. With foals, pictures aren't always the best indicators.

i don't know much about those lines though.

Speed Racer 11-19-2009 02:15 PM

I can't see the filly's pic, so have nothing to say about her conformation.

However, except for some names far, far back in the sire's pedigree, I see no well known or well shown horses.

In the dam's pedigree I see the same except for her maternal grandsire, who was a Nationals Champion and a Sweepstakes Nominated Sire.

If the filly is put together well and has a decent temperament, I say go for it. I just wouldn't be buying her as a broodmare, unless she does some high level showing and winning before she's bred.

WSArabians 11-21-2009 04:49 PM

Farlane and Abu Farwa. Two of my favourites. Farlane is a GORGEOUS Rabicano/Sabino stallion. Stunning horse. Perhaps to far back to have any influence on her genetics, but it is there.
Abu Farwa was an extremely athletic horse who passed it on to his foals, who won Championships in a variety of events from English Pleasure to Cutting. Great Sabino producer.

I haven't seen an Indian King line that close up in forever.

The stallion's breeding doesn't do a whole lot for me. Lots of Eyptian breeding but not a lot of "show".

The mare is bred like a son of a gun with some great halter and performance horses. Again, not TOO close on her papers, but the last line. Do you know if they are selling her?
Nice Polish lines mixed in with some Crabbet and Eypgtian on her sire's tail line.

But I can't open her add? Is there another way I can get to it?

Appy Luvr 11-21-2009 07:38 PM

I'm not sure why you can't open the ad? It comes up fine for me.
I THINK they said they raised the mom themselves, she's not for sale that I'm aware of. I've only seen her advertising weanlings.
I'll try PMing you the ad link but if you can't open it here I'm not sure if that will help.

WSArabians 11-21-2009 08:26 PM

I did get it open! My computer had this weird thing about not opening links like that sometimes.
She looks pretty, with a nice face. Would be a helluva lot nicer if she was dewormed and had a proper halter on though.

Appy Luvr 11-21-2009 10:04 PM


Originally Posted by WSArabians (Post 468426)
I did get it open! My computer had this weird thing about not opening links like that sometimes.
She looks pretty, with a nice face. Would be a helluva lot nicer if she was dewormed and had a proper halter on though.

I agree, she needs a little "help" :shock::D After talking to the owner and hearing her "training" methods I can understand why she looks like she does.
I'll have to see if I can find the time to go see her....

Crimsonhorse01 11-24-2009 09:48 AM

Any news?

Appy Luvr 11-25-2009 01:21 AM


Originally Posted by Crimsonhorse01 (Post 471132)
Any news?

I decided to pass on her for several reasons. One being the picture issue. I know those pics are several months old and yet when I asked for more she told me those were new ones. I don't like people who lie; if you lie about one thing then what else are you lying about? And I'm certainly not going to drive way up there for a horse that I don't even know what it looks like now. I am in contact with ALL of my horses breeders, even my horse I've had for 9 years. I like to give updates and they like to receive them, I like to like the person I'm buying from or at least be comfortable enough with them that if I have a questions I can drop them an email; I didn't get a real comfortable feeling from that lady.
And another reason I passed is because I ended up having a lady GIVE me a gorgeous green broke registered Arabian. I just got back from a 14 hour round trip picking him up and I am SO in love with him already!! Will post his proper introduction tomorrow when I can take some pics!:D

Crimsonhorse01 11-25-2009 09:25 AM

Oh sounds liked it worked out then! Is he the black gelding from Azure Arabians?

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