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Pidge 11-19-2009 05:02 PM

Is this a good idea?
Well those of you who scour the threads in this section prob saw my "So theres this horse..." thread over my possible new girl Bause...and i was just thinking...

The ranch im going to try an board her at is amazing...large covered area...deep sand/dirt...its got lots of small roads to ride about on on the property that only the feed truck drives down once a day...tons of turn out space and three lovely barns with lovely stalls...I know the owners and all the people who work there...heck my boyfriend even works there...BUT here is my only issue...

Almost all the horses there are super calm layed back QH's and when people clean the stalls the horses are just left in the stalls when they are cleaned. If the horse gets in the way most everyone just pokes them with the rake to move them over...

Well Bause is known to be very reactive...she is use to having her stall cleaned with her in it BUT i do not think she would appriciate being poked with a rake and i dont want someone to get kicked...

Now since ill be working there to pay off her board it is likely ill be cleaning her stall an if not me my boyfriend who also is very familer with Bause will be so im not really worried...BUT on occasion the two little mexicans who work there also do stalls...I know one is quiting so no big but im worried about the other one going to clean stalls an poking Bause without realizing she might get after him...

I have though up a solution though...MAKE A SIGN!!!!! I figue if a make a big ol' sign that says DO NOT POKE WITH RAKE...and i put it up on her stall door that it should prevent anyone from o say poking her with a rake? and then if they did i cant say they were not warned lol

So what are yalls opinions on this? also everyone who works there has to sign a liability form that states the horse owners and ranch owners are not responsible for any injuries caused by the im not worried about a law suit if for some dumb reason someone there doesnt read a huge colorful sign...

Jessabel 11-19-2009 05:09 PM

Why would you poke a horse with a rake anyway when you can just nudge them over with your hand? I muck my stalls with my horses in them all the time and they're very used to it, but I doubt they would appreciate being poked.

A sign isn't a bad idea. Just make sure the Mexican speaks English.

Pidge 11-19-2009 05:13 PM

The one thats quiting doesnt speak english but the one thats staying they are cousins so even if pedro doesnt quit by the time i move her im sure armando would warn him...unless he thinks it would be funny for his cousin to get hurt...i dont think he would lol

perhaps ill write it in spanish across the bottom of the sign too....

WelcomeStranger28 11-19-2009 05:13 PM

HAHAHA!! yer i have to say that Jessabel has a good point!! If they can not read english you could have a very larg problem on your hands!!!

Cheshire 11-19-2009 05:23 PM

I think a sign is the best idea...although I am unsure why rake-poking must be resorted to if a gentle nudge with one's hand can do the job just as well?

If your boyfriend/yourself are there often enough (i.e. every day), is there any way you can just...make a sign or spread the word that no one but you two are supposed to clean the stall? Maybe far-fetched...but it's the only other solution I can come up with.

Vidaloco 11-19-2009 05:32 PM

I think its good to have the sign for anyone who may do cleaning duty when your can't. That way if someone does get kicked, at least you can say you warned them.

Pidge 11-19-2009 05:43 PM

that was my thinking...i just made up the sign on word...decided both english an spanish translations were the nest route lol cause what i do there will be determined by the ranch owners...if they decide they dont want me on stalls and would rather have me feeding or exercising horses then there isnt much i can do about it except hope that my BF is doing her stall or put up a nice strait forward warning sign lol

glad to see im on the right track here lol

as for why the poking it is beyond me...might be because a few of the horses dont have the manners to move with a nudge an a few dont like being touched really but for the most part i think a gentle nudge would be best lol still i dont think there would be any changing the way they do things...since they have always dont it like this and guys dont like to listen to girls lol especially young teenage girls lol

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