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Clementine 11-21-2009 11:27 PM

Critique My Jump Position Please
Keep in mind that this was the first time I had jumped in like, 4 months. Other than that, tear me to pieces. Thanks :D

Clementine 11-21-2009 11:28 PM

This picture is a better representation.

starlinestables 11-22-2009 12:30 AM

I like your lower leg but your upper body could use a little work. Your release could be an inch or two up his neck as you got him in the mouth in this second pic. Shoulder's back would make for a prettier picture too. :o)

Your horse is super cute though.

SuperStarsSugar 11-22-2009 12:58 AM

You kind of hunch, and if you gave him a bit more rein, your horse would probably love you, but overall, it's not so bad.

Clementine 11-22-2009 01:02 AM


Your horse is super cute though.
Thanks, but he's not mine. ^_^
Anybody want to guess what breed he is?

Allison Finch 11-22-2009 01:16 AM

What I am seeing is the beginning of an automatic release. It's not too bad. I think some other people are worried that you are using the reins to "pull" you over the jump. While there may be a bit more pressure on the reins than I would like to see, it really doesn't appear to be that bad. While I agree that your shoulders could be a little too rounded, I would rather see that than the stiff postured back I see on many hunter riders. Yup, I do event and jumpers. I believe in a SOFT back to allow even softer hands and seat. The stiff backs, and resulting stiff hands/seat, are why crest releases and seats unable to sit the canter these days. The reliance on the crest release keeps you from developing the seat/position independant of the "prop".

Whew! Flame away.....

As you can see from my photo, my equitation isn't too terrible (except when I am galloping jumps on XC). I do NOT have the arched back so loved in the hunter ring. If I did, I would not be able to ride these jumps the way I want to....balanced and with the horse.

Try to bring your shoulder blades back, but keep the soft back. Come event!!

Clementine 11-22-2009 01:21 AM

Allison, you're very close! He's a National Show Horse (Arab/Saddlebred).

I have only two things to add, which is that he was positively running at the jumps, and I seriously have hardly jumped at all this year. It's been 99% dressage. Thanks for all the good critiques - keep 'em coming! :)

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