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heidihunters 11-22-2009 06:10 PM

help stolen heidi please read story so far
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This is heidi's story i hope by telling you this it may help someone remember something. we first got heidi as my friend had nothing to compete on and couldn't afford his own horse. we then got to together as a couple and he decided to put a deposit on Heidi and pay for her in instalments when he could afford it on the understanding she was not to be taken until fully paid for. heidi was first taken on the 1st of may by my ex boyfriend and the local riding school.he was not happy the stallion had escaped and covered Heidi. it ment he could no longer jump her as he wanted to. there had been a heated argument a few days prior to her being taken because he wanted her injected to get rid of the foal which i point blank refused to do as it is against what i believed.which is why we broke up .when she was taken she was taken to the local riding school when we went to the local riding school to get heidi back as she was still ours they tried to give a cheque for heidi which was refused as they had removed her without our permision and she was no longer for sale they then locked all the gates and refused to give her back we eventually got her back by going through the rear of the property . we then kept heidi in for about a week but she hates being in she kicks the door . so decided to put her back in with my other horses as she wasn't happy on her own. my friend who lived at the premises was going on holiday. which the local riding school knew as he emptied there muck for them. heidi was taken again on the 14th may 2009 two weeks after she was taken the first time apparently my ex boyfriend and the riding school don't know where she is but i think there are to many coincidences for it to be anyone else heidi is still believed in foal anyone with any info what so ever please contact me no matter how trivial the police will not do anything till we find heidi. i would like to add my ex boyfriend is a local business man and has access in to peoples homes on a daily basis. we tried to help him fulfil his dreams as his dad would never buy him a horse but would purchase one for his step sisters to his annoyance. we gave him cheap livery when he was riding Heidi in exchange for his help which was part of the deal. I WOULD LIKE TO ADD THE DEPOSIT AND ANY MONIES OWING WAS RETURNED TO MY EX BOYFRIEND HE HAS NO CLAIM ON HEIDI WHAT SO EVER. NO NAMES HAVE BEEN USED IN THE STORY TO AVOID ANY SLANDER ACCUSATIONS FROM PARTIES INVOLVED. IF YOU DON'T WANT TO CONTACT ME CALL CRIME STOPPERS ON 0800 555 111 ANONYMOUSLY TOGETHER WE CAN BRING HEIDI HOME thank you for reading heidi's story

Speed Racer 11-23-2009 01:14 PM

FYI, paragraphs are your friend.

So, if I read that run-on tome correctly, you were selling Heidi to your BF because he wanted a riding horse. He was making payments, and all was hunky-dory.

Then, because of piss poor management, a stallion gets out and covers the mare and you didn't call in a vet to flush her, even though you KNEW your BF didn't want a foal. YOU decided that the mare should have the foal, knowing full well that her OWNER didn't want her to.

So he came and took the mare, you went and grabbed her back, and now she's missing from your pastures again.

At the time you tried to pick her up, full payment was offered and you refused it. Then you trespassed on someone else's property, and stole the horse back. Both very bad moves on your part.

So, because of your stable owner's ineptitude and your misplaced belief that the mare should be forced to go to term with an unwanted foal, you're in a mess and want people to side with you.

I think it's wrong that your ex-BF took the mare, but he DID offer you full payment for her, which you refused. So you have only yourself to blame.

In fact, in this whole messy scenario, the real villains are you and the stallion owner, for not keeping the stallion properly contained.

Your BF wanted a riding horse not a broodmare. For you to arbitrarily decide what he could or couldn't do with his own horse, it's no wonder you two aren't a couple anymore.

You have obvious control issues, and refuse to see your own culpability in this little epic.

Sorry, but my sympathy is with your ex. You had no right to make a breeding decision on a horse he was purchasing.

If you have a written contract the law may very well be on his side, since full payment was offered and you refused it.

speedy da fish 11-23-2009 02:41 PM

ok Heidi is HEIDIHUNTERS horse! the stallion getting out was an acident (it happens) the BF didnt pay for the horse in full! and if the owner (heidihunters) refuses sale or changes their mind then it is their right!

sillybunny11486 11-23-2009 02:54 PM

sounds like he owners this horse, or part of it since he paid the deposit. this is why you dont make payments on a horse... the ownership gets sticky.

speedy da fish 11-23-2009 02:57 PM

ok try again...

ok Heidi is HEIDIHUNTERS horse! the stallion getting out was an acident (it happens) the BF didnt pay for the horse in full! and if the owner (heidihunters) refuses sale or changes their mind then it is their right! yes i am saying that 'Speed Racer' is wrong the BF didnt own the horse. i think that heidihunters did have the right to go into th riding school and take back something that was theirs.
yes the stallion should have been contained properly but what is better horses breeding naturally or controlled. i think that the fact that horses are overbred answers that question. and if anyone says 'but the bf wanted a riding horse not a brood mare...' then i will say it wasnt his horse. it may have been upsetting for him but i have gone through 10 years of my life having no control of the horses i ride or event. they have been sold, retired early, retired for breeding etc until finally 3 weeks ago i got my own horse:). ok enought of a rant at the unsympathetic, on to important questions...

Where are you, do you live in the UK, if so what region?

I know a lot of riding stables and some (may i say suspicious) horse people, so of you're interested please ask. (i wont post them in puplic view)

What breed, height, age is Heidi? and what is unique about her? (appart from what i can see in the photo)

ok that is it i think...

dont worry too much about the info you post, within reason though. we are all on your side, appart from the odd 1 or 2 (coughs ^^^^^^). and if there are any problems then the admins will help x

i hope this goes well for you anyway, please answer my questions, i know a lot of horses and its a small world when it comes to a decade of moving around, from horse to horse, stable to stable. its funny when horses you knew turns up at your current stables with a whole new history. good luck

heidihunters 11-23-2009 03:37 PM

in reply to speed racer my ex bf made a very small deposit on heidi which was given back he had no right to take my horse and he knew the stallion was at the property he expressed no concered as for "having her flushed " is cruel and not what i believe in it was never his horse he had all monies given back 1.he took my horse without my permisson 2.he has no claim to her as all monies where returned i don't care if you want to side with my ex i will get my horse back as i am the owner and you can jog on

sillybunny11486 11-23-2009 03:45 PM

I dont understand the part about the riding school. Did the bf board there? Honestly it looks like a child wrote this. P.S. Althougth she maybe your horse you were tresspassing. You should have gotten the police to assist you in retrieving her. And I would have gotten better security after my horse was stolen the first time......

sillybunny11486 11-23-2009 03:46 PM

P.S. you had an oral contract to sell this horse to the bf. He could take you to court for giving the deposit back and breaking the contract.

heidihunters 11-23-2009 03:48 PM


heidihunters 11-23-2009 03:49 PM

no court action can be taken as we had a verbal agreement that the horse was not to be removed till full and final payment was made so he broke the agreement

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