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Hunter 11-22-2009 06:53 PM

Thinking about breeding a mare..
Why hello!
So, meet Cloud:
She is a 7 year old rescue Horse! We saved her years back when she was three from the meat plant, and have been taking care of her ever since, She had been abused, but was a georgous horse, with one large black patch on her butt on the other side. She has good temperment, but is unridable (Due to her trying to kill you after a year of working with her) She is very kind on the ground! and is the horse that follows you around non-stop! We are thinking of breeding her!
Here is two possible fathers:

TK Johnny Angel:
And this is one of His sons Pep (I dont know his registered name! He is only 3!)

And the other possible father SKIPS DIXIE LAD:

And one of his sons Skip!! (He;s the paint)::

So any Idea's?! Leave a reply thanks! : )

Eastowest 11-22-2009 06:58 PM

Is she registered and/or do you know anything about the mare's bloodlines? What are you looking for in the resulting foal, as far as size, movement, traits, future use, etc.? Do you know if the mare has relatives that are ridable?

Do you have any good conformation (side view, level ground) photos you can post of the mare and the first stallion, and more of the offspring of both stallions?

Hunter 11-22-2009 07:03 PM

I only have two photo's of Cloud, and As I said, we got her from the factory, so she didn't have any papers. I know that she is ridable, she just has to have a highley experienced rider on her.

As for the foal she could become a 4-H pony, or gymkhana, or even just a trail horse.
And the other photo of cloud is only a head shot of her other side:

dunsjump 11-22-2009 07:53 PM

In the market there is now, I strongly believe only highly spectacular specimens should be bred. I am going to put a flamesuit on here. I am not saying do not breed your mare, but there are so many crossbreds with no lines and bad conformation (not saying she has bad conformation) at auctions and in feedlots destined for dinnerplates. These horses are really a dime a dozen and the lucky ones are the ones who get rescued. Because of the economy, even some large scale breeding farms who breed superior quality Thoroughbreds and Warmbloods have been cutting down and/or not breeding at all. So unless you intend to keep the foal forever yourself, please strongly consider this. You can easily buy a 2 year old or 3 year old who is on the ground already for cheap and save yourself lots of money. From the time you breed the mare until the time the foal is able to be broke to ride, you sink a lot of $ into the horse and there are no guarantees what you are going to get, especially with a crossbred. Horses pass often pass on their bad traits to their babies, so also consider this.

Since your mare is a rescue, you probably know all about the above... but I really felt it all needed to be stated.

If I had a horse I was considering breeding, they would have to have papers AND good bloodlines. They would have to have good conformation and a good personality and a good work ethic. This means the horse would have to be rideable WITH a decent show record (or I would consider no show record and unrideable if there was an injury preventing this). I would not want to breed a horse that was dangerous or nasty under saddle for fear they would pass this trait on to their baby.

There are just too many other horses out there right now that need homes.

SuperStarsSugar 11-22-2009 08:03 PM

Your mare is nice, and I like the studs (especially the first one), but I'm with Dunsjump on this. As much as you like your mare, she hasn't done anything notable (you haven't even ridden her) and she's not registered, which means that the resulting foal would be next to worthless in the general marketplace if you had to sell (things happen). You can easily get a weanling in this economy for dirt cheap, so unless you're set on having a baby out of your mare, it would be great to consider that. Why add to the pile when you can save a horse already here from ending up in a Mexican slaughterhouse? I'm not trying to be mean or discourage you from breeding, but I do want to state things in bald truth. If you do decide to breed, make sure you know both the sire and dam's status as far as HYPP, OWLS, and HERDA.

Eastowest 11-22-2009 08:05 PM

>>> I know that she is ridable

Oh, OK. I was just going by the first post where you said she was unridable.

Its really tough to make recommendations on stallions without better photos of the stallions, the mare, and ideally some offspring, because its so tough to tell what the strengths and weaknesess are of any of them conformationally.

For example, from the photo of your mare on a hill, it appears she has good front legs, but her shoulder looks straight-- which might be from the way she is standing-- and I can't really tell how her hocks are built at all. I can't see the shape of her hip and croup either.

Same problem with the trotting photo of the first stallion-- He has a cute head, and pretty color, but thats all I can really see from that photo.

Hunter 11-22-2009 09:38 PM

Yea, I get that she might pass on the traits. And I know for a fact that we would never be selling her, unless she was a awsome horse and we were in bad need of money (Which we wouldn't be with my grandparents!) But with the high bred, we have lots of horses on our farms that are not pure bred, and happened in fluk's.. we had a mare come out with a foal who was one of the easiest horses out there, we dont know who the sire it, since it was a break away stud, and the mare had no papers. The foal (who is now 6) has won us lots of money in just random cutting contests. And another one has won us money in barrels, who had the same situation.
Thanks for the bad point though, those are always helpfull, espically when you think of what could go wrong. : )

kevinshorses 11-22-2009 09:45 PM


Originally Posted by Hunter (Post 469371)
We saved her years back when she was three from the meat plant, but is unridable (Due to her trying to kill you after a year of working with her)

Perhaps she should have stayed at the meat plant. Why would you want to breed her if she is unregistered and dangerous to ride? Just go and buy a weanling. You can pick the breed and the color and the gender. It will also be far cheaper than breeding her and raising the foal.

Kayty 11-22-2009 09:58 PM


Originally Posted by kevinshorses (Post 469595)
Perhaps she should have stayed at the meat plant. Why would you want to breed her if she is unregistered and dangerous to ride? Just go and buy a weanling. You can pick the breed and the color and the gender. It will also be far cheaper than breeding her and raising the foal.

*nods vigerously!!*
Ridability doesn't mean you can 'ride' her. It means the horse is a good ride, so has a soft back to carry the rider, and is happy to do ask you ask without as you put it 'trying to kill you'. I personally would never breed a mare that has 'tried to kill me' under saddle. I would either send that **** thing to a good breaker and see if that helps then sell her, or dog her.

I'm a little suprised that you are considering breeding a rescue mare that you got from a factory, wouldn't you have seen all those hundreds of other horses just like her, destined to be made into glue and dog food, and realised that they are all the result of backyard breeding, or worthless breeding? Maybe think about it and realise that your foal could very welll just end up like her dam did, stuck in the line up at a glue factory.

kitten_Val 11-22-2009 10:00 PM

I'm with kevin on this (except the 1st statement). Are there any good reasons you want to breed her? If you just want a baby it's safer to buy one (at least you'll already know what you are getting). Also if she's unridable because of some behavioral issues (at least how it sounds from your post) she very well may put such disposition on the foal.

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