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Wallaby 11-23-2009 03:54 PM

SO SO so proud of my girl!
I have this entire week off for Thanksgiving so I was able to spend 3 whole hours with Lacey this morning. It was awesome.
First, the farrier came at 9:30 and trimmed her feet. Then I decided to work on ground driving Lacey since I've realized that lunging as much as I have been doing is probably not good. After that (Lacey actually seems to be catching on to the whole ground driving thing! Yay!) I decided to ride and just hopped on bareback because that's what I've been doing lately.

She did really well being ridden and something kept pushing me to ride on the road so I saddled her up, got my crop, and we set off down the road. As some of you may remember, Lacey has issues with the road; she'll start rearing/backing up/stopping/throwing her head/trying to turn around and go home etc (she's not herd bound at all, she could care less about the barn, she actually goes slower coming home than going out) so I was a little concerned about how she'd do. Sure enough, she started throwing a fit but I just kept the reins loose and sat there, just keeping her going forward.

And guess what? We made it TWICE AS FAR as we EVER have alone before. Once we got down to the end of the road she was walking really well, not being as looky-loo and keeping an even rhythm in her walk so I decided to not push it by continuing. She even was trotting a lot of the way away from home (I decided that as long as she was moving I could care less what speed we went, once she's more comfortable we will certainly work on that) which I thought was pretty funny since aren't horses supposed to try to run home, not away from home? haha And I was neckreining her the ENTIRE time and she was listening!

She so hilarious. She kept seeing things, like a cat in someone's driveway, a fountain, a motorhome and a Bulldog sitting in a lawnchair (it was super random) that she REALLY wanted to visit with. haha She'd start inching towards them and if I didn't stop her she'd try to go charging into random yards to go look at whatever she saw. And it wasn't scared looking, it was more of a "oh! that looks cool! let's check it out!" sorta deal. Haha

It was also very funny when we got back home becuase Miss Lacey decided to do a "victory circle". Haha As soon as we got back to our normal riding area she started trotting, then cantering (I just kinda sat there because I was wondering what the heck she was doing and it was funny) in a big circle, like "Look at us guys! We did it! We went for a big scary ride on the road and SURVIVED!!!!" LMAO!

I just kept telling myself what this annoying (maybe not so annoying now that she's actually helped me with something) helper in my horsemanship class told me when we were riding bareback and I kept using the horses mane as an "oh shoot" handle. She said to not tell myself to not hold the mane and to instead tell myself that I'm a confident rider that can handle whatever might happen. And in both cases I did handle everything that happened! :D

Sorry for the novel but I'm so happy!

IheartPheobe 11-23-2009 04:08 PM

Wow!! That is soo great!! :D Congratz!!!!

FGRanch 11-23-2009 04:38 PM

Right on! Hopefully from now on the road is easy peasy!

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