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ilovemyPhillip 11-24-2009 04:37 PM

Ohmygosh! Amazing break through with Savannah!
Well, I have some awesome news!

Savannah has turned her attitude around completely! Well, almost.

First~ we played a game in the pasture, before I haltered her. I clicked for her and ran away from the gate, and she cantered past me slid to a stop, turned, and we ran the other way, and then she galloped around, bucking and playing, annoying the geldings. She then settled and I haltered her quickly. :-)

Next~ I groomed her out, and usually when I pick her back hooves, she kicks out (nicked me in the ribs before, and the stomach), but this time... barley anything!! :-)

(I had bought a new bridle earlier in the day; her last one was wayy too tight for her!)
Third~ I saddled her, she didn't pin her ears! And As I adjusted the bridle, barley any hostility! :-o A miracle! :-) It rocked.

After~ I sat in the saddle, she didn't start to walk off - which was good! I walked her around the riding area, and trotted in both directions. She had a small head-shakings/tossings, but I corrected her, and she listened. No bolting! I had her weave some barrels, while my mom set up a 1' jump. I took Vanners over it on the ground (lead her up to it while I was off her back), and got back on, and trotted in/out. Pretty good. going out I cued fro a canter; which I did not get. She shook her head and began to act up. I made her spin circles and jumped the jump a few more times before asking for a canter on the flat. He canter rocked! She didn't buck or rear one little bit!! Although it was fast, and she made tight turns, it was pretty good.
Phenomenal Session! Unfortuanally I have nothing for you to see, but here's a super cute picture of my girl.

EventingIsLovee 11-24-2009 04:58 PM

That's awesome it's always such a good feeling when you accomplish something like that! I know when I have good days on Rocky, I always feel like I'm getting closer to our goal of going novice in eventing by the end of next year. It just takes a lot of trust and bonding, and Savannah will learn that listening to you is really a good thing! Keep me posted on how her work goes!! :D

ilovemyPhillip 11-24-2009 05:00 PM

Oh I will, Kara, promise! :D

Scoutrider 11-25-2009 07:05 PM

Really glad to hear that you and Savannah are making progress! Keep up the good work! :D:D:D

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