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Wallaby 11-26-2009 02:38 PM

Your horse's personality?
I thought it would be interesting to find out whether people were attracted to their personality opposites or to horses with a similar personality to themselves when they chose their horse...

I'll start. =D
Lacey and I are crazily similar. We both are extremely loving. We try our hardest for people we feel deserve it but we'll drag our feet and do sub-standard work for anyone who hasn't shown themselves to be worthy. We're both extreme pushover's until "that line" (don't know how to explain that any better) has been crossed, then we come down hard and people generally back off. We both dislike change but adapt easily when change happens, we also hold grudges like crazy. We are kinda hypocritical and hate things we've never experienced before until we experience them and decide we like them. We're both pretty phobic about stuff, we get scared easily but most of the time we try to keep it inside and not let the world see that we're scared. We also learn very quickly and once we feel we've learned something we don't really like people trying to teach us another way. We love routines and we generally get weirded out when the routine changes but sometimes we love the change. We also take some coaxing to use our brains, we're both rather savant-ly smart but we dislike showing that side of ourselves to the world.

The funny thing about me and Lacey is that I got her without even really getting to know her. I just saw her and was like "that's the one", no questions asked. It's kinda weird, but cool.

Anyone else? =)

Fellen 11-26-2009 02:54 PM

Hmm.. Well, Fellen and I arn't that similar. We're both pretty high strung/energy ridden, but know how to chanel it. Both of us are perfectionists and love to work, but sometimes we get sick of it too.
She's a really arrogant, picky and high matenance... doesn't like to step into mud, is veery choosy of the food she eats, stops eating right away when she's a tiny bit off color, get's cold in the winter (winters in Düsseldorf arn't that cold, plus she's inside and not clipped) and needs a blaket, likes beeing watched and admired, doesn't like very many horses (she tends to just ignore them lol), doesn't liked beeing tuched by anyone but me, and just has the most "I know I'm perfect" look about her.
I'm more the down to earth kind of girl: don't care if I get dirty, don't always have to look perfect, don't complain alot, eat anything ^^ ....
But sometimes I think she's my other personality that I'm just to embarrassed to let out. :lol:

But we fit together and there's a real connection there.... The first time I got on her I just had a feeling that everything was perfect. Everything fit.

FGRanch 11-26-2009 03:04 PM

I've always said that I ride mares because they are just as miserable and stubburn as me! :D LOL

Gillian 11-26-2009 10:00 PM

Zeus and I both have crazy hair. We both have weird personalities. He's always friendly at first, but once you REALLY get to know him he gets so goofy and playful. Same here. We both have to be convinced to work. We generally want to please but at the same time would rather find the easiest way to do it. We both are weird about change. It takes a while for us to adjust. Not to new surroundings, we're fine with that, but to new routines. We're both smart but rarely show it. Not afraid to look a little wild, and get a little dirty. We both enjoy a light rain. We both love "our people" and like to talk. We can both be a little in your face and maybe a tad silly. We both have a lot of patience but WILL let you know when we're not happy about something. We both can't stand still and fidget a lot.

I never realized that we have the same personality until this thread, ha ha.

justsambam08 11-26-2009 10:33 PM

Yep, me and my gelding are a lot alike. We don't take crap, and we're kind of stubborn, except I don't give in :lol:. Umm, he's a lot more serious than I am, and he's definitely very impatient, where as I like to take my time with things. We're both kind of fearless, or as fearless as a horse can be anyways. He doesn't bolt, and he always checks things out before deciding if he should flip out or not...he even spooks in place naturally, and I am pretty willing to try anything if I talk myself in to it. We're both very sarcastic, he likes to get cheeky with other horses and sneak up on their butts and nibble their tails, then look at them like he's completely innocent.

I don't think I could handle having a horse with an opposite personality....I like anything that comes in contact with me to have a little bit of fire and spunk, ya know? Completely willing puppy dogs would just annoy me. And I totally looked at him and knew he was the one too! Everything about his history should have told me to run away, but I was just attracted to something in him right off of the bat.

Jessabel 11-27-2009 12:43 PM

Where to begin...
Victor and I are buddies. We're both reserved and independent and we kinda have a "no nonsense" attitude. Vic has the personality of a cat- and I'm a cat lover, so that's probably why we get along. I also love the fact that he won't behave for me until I fix my own problems. He lets me know when I'm doing something wrong but once I improve my skills to his standards, he'll do anything for me. I'm still not a fantastic rider, but I figure I must be doing something right because Vic's gotten so much better.

I'm not as close to Norman as I am Victor, but we still get along really well. He's nice and laid back, very quiet, reliable, and easy-going. I love horses like that. Victor is more of a one-person horse, whereas Norman loves anyone who feeds him, so I guess that's partly why I'm not as close to him. That doesn't mean I love him any less, though. :) I can't help but adore any horse that acts like a big teddy bear. They're just so cute... lol I could never own a horse that clashes with my personality. It would suck the enjoyment out of everything. There would be no point in having a horse like that.

Sketter 11-27-2009 01:49 PM

Me and my gelding connected the minute I met him. He is such a suck and loves to be brushed and get treats. He also loves hugs I can stand hugging him forever. Loves dogs and cats...( not sure if he thinks there just really small horses :P). He gets along with almost every other horse, even if the horse does not like him. He always trys to please me when I ride him, but like me can be stubborn at times. He also loves Massages :)

kiwigirl 11-27-2009 06:49 PM

When I sit down and really think about it I realise how much Phoenix and I are alike. We are both very brave and love to move forward, don't care where we are going as long as we are getting there at a good pace with plenty to see along the way! If something scares us we have to stare it down until it is intimidated and put in it's place. Neither of us like to have people/horses around that slow us down or hinder where we get to go. We like to be out on own doing our own thing but enjoy the right company too. All of my friends horses like Phoenix and all naturally let her lead and are quite happy to travel behind her. I like to think that neither of us have a mean bone in our bodies for all that we are fearless and refuse to be intimidated by anything. We are both willing to stand up for ourselves though and will give as good as we get. We both like to push boundaries and have a certain lack of respect for some rules and regulations especially the ones that don't allow you to have fun! Oh, and we are both really good doers! We both only have to look at food and we get fat! I bought Phoenix off the internet after looking at a couple of photos. There was something about her and my instincts said 'get her!' so I did. We click, she is everything I could ever want in a horse. As I have written this post I have realized that basically Phoenix is me - in horse form.

ridergirl23 11-27-2009 07:05 PM

Rena was sent up from south dakota for me, i had never met her in my life, but the barn owner knows someone in dakota and they picked rena for me and had her sent up here, lol well.... the first time i met her i felt rejected,ignored, and un-loved! she is EXTEREMELY independant just like me. We both bend over backwards and will do anything for the people we care for, she would way rather be out in the mountains then with people (same with me!) when i ride her i better ride her RIGHT, haha she does not do anything for anyone that doesnt ask correctly, but then again, so do i. we both will keep on giving and giving, but if you demand somethign from us, or act ungraitful then we will pretty much block you out and get stubborn, haha we both have an amazing stubborn streak. Both of us dont back off from any fight :lol: . haha thats not always a good thing.
But when someones gone, for no matter how long, we realize how much we miss and need them, and smother them with love when they get back. when we are around people, she LOVES to show off how beautiful she is (haha i like to TRY and be pretty) but no matter how girly either of us act, when it comes down to getting down and dirty, we will be the first ones working hard...and we wont stop til its done. i love everything abotu rena! haha even her stubborn side, because i can understand that! :wink:
i love how shes not clingy but shows her love in the weirdest ways! haha we both dont like to be touched to much, btu we like the hug every once in a while.

sillybunny11486 11-27-2009 07:12 PM

My mare is pretty stubborn and a little crazy, she does exactly what she wants, when she wants to. A little like me. She pisses people off alot, but shes really loving. Shes a princess on the ground, and a terror undersaddle.

My weanling is just really curious, he inspects everything with his mouth and nose. Hes right by my side whenever I am at the barn. When I got him he was almost unhandled. He would think I was coming to attack him, and he would be soo hard to catch (in july). Hes finally warmed up and how I end up spending more time with him then the horse horses at the barn, because he follows me around like a puppy. I take alot of time to warm up to people as well.

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