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zanyoutthere 11-27-2009 11:28 AM

pdate pics on Morganshow11 and Rowdy!
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Update pics! they are doing wonderful! They have also been doing bareback and bridleless riding! Sorry there arent many pics... And also, she had to sell her beloved horse Diamond :( They couldnt afford both horses, the board went up and everything...and our dad is only working par time. So i threw in a few pics, of diamonds last day with Marrah. And the Guy in some of the pics is me, LOL. And they very last pic is all the horses running loose in someone elses yard. The barn where she is at now, they let the horses out of the pasture and let them run around her yard, but they close the gate so they cant get out... but she forgot to close the gate and ll the horses ran out, including Diamond. So that is why we are moving Rowdy to a better barn. Diamond is now a police horse!! He was in our thanksgiving parade for Oakland county!!

mom2pride 11-27-2009 01:10 PM

Sorry you had to sell one of your babies...that's always hard.

I remember one place I was boarding at, the horses got out, and two of them WOULD NOT get caught...we spent hours trying to catch them. My boy was caught pretty much as soon as he saw me, so I hopped up on him bareback and started trying to atleast herd the other two away from the road, and back toward home! We finally caught them, and the BO started leading one of them home; she tried to pony her other horse, but couldn't get him to stay on one side, or to stay with her. So she tied him up, and went to bring her other one home. I didn't want to really stay out there anymore cause it was a cold rainy type day, so I grabbed that naughty horse up, and he learned how to pony properly. I had a really calm willing horse though, so that may have made a difference; the BO horse that she was riding was a bit difficult at that point, from being loose and wound up! Lol!

zanyoutthere 11-27-2009 01:58 PM

LOL! Gotta love horses, eh?

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