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Tayz 11-28-2009 05:52 PM

Good and bad-ish news
I'll start witht he bad news first.
Yesterday at riding I got put on an ex-race horse named Toby. I have ridden him before and I loved riding him. I was told about several things to be careful about since sometimes he sees a platic bag 10 feet away and ignore it but then 2 minutes later decides it's dangerous and will start prancing or will shy away. I was told to stay in the group while trotting and cantering as he has been taught to be up the front of all the horses and will go fast to catch up.
So I did a really stupid thing. My stirrup iron was on the wrong way and we were in the middle of trotting to a tree and then cantering down the paddock fence line to the end. So I decided to stop Toby and fix it as it was biting into my leg. First mistake there.
When I had fixed it, I tried to catch up with the rest, some of them were already down the end of teh paddock. When I told Toby to canter, he starting going really fast. I started getting a bit nervous and I since I haven't really gotten the canter rythm yet, I was bouncing in the saddle and he was going really fast when all of a sudden he tripped. I went flying onto his neck and the only reason I didn't fall off then was because I grabbed his mane with all my strength and didn't let go. So there I was, riding the horses neck as the horse sped towards the group. As he got to the group, he slowed down and stopped right next to another pony and stood there quietly. My riding instructor finally caught up about 30 seconds later, when I had already pushed myself back into the saddle. The girl on the pony next to me had grabbed my reins so that I could right myself.
My riding instructor told me what had happen and strangely enough, during that time I started crying. I calmed down and we began walking down to the arena. I felt better when we got in the arena but I realised Toby had his head down and was listening to every command I asked him to. He had never been so obediant.
My friend went for a canter around the arena, but I decided to just go for a trot for the time being. We then went to do western bend, which I found quite fun and I let Toby go for a small canter at the end. Then I went and lined up for barells, but decided to just watch. My riding instructor came over and asked me if I was still feeling nervous and I nodded. She then told me that Toby was looking really upset because I was upset. Apparently Toby is a really sensitive horse and was worried about what he'd done and didn't like that I was upset. So I had a bigger look at him. His head was drooping and his face actually looked sad. Which made me feel guilty. None of what happened was toby's fault and he felt sad. When I untacked him after the lesson I gave him a huge rub behind his ears(he loves that). He is one of my favourite horses to ride, I was just forgot about his race-horse learning.

Good news. I'm going to Kiah Park, which is a camp that you can go to for a week and do alot or horse riding and have a gymkhana. I am so excited as I'm going for a week with my friend from my riding club and we are going to be in the same cabin and I can't wait to go trail riding there. I'm hoping during this week I get more used to cantering. I never seem to be able to sit in the saddle and I hate it. But a whole week with a good friend and some horses! Oh my gosh I cant wait. Only bad thing is that we're booked for the day after christmas so I'll have to go down on boxing day and it's a 2-3hour drive so I'll have to get up at about 5am.
Here are the competition we will be having throughout the week:
The best camp boy and girl are judged on behaviour, manners, obedience, cooperation and enthusiasm.
Best kept cabin daily.
Gymkhana - has a number of different categories and levels.
Grooming contest.

Here's is what a typical day will be like!
weather permitting) for typical camp
Saturday Arrival, Lunch and Settling in
Horsemanship sessions, tack and safety instruction
Arena rider assessment and horse allocation
Basic Daily Routine 6.30am: Yard Duty, Milk cows, Feed animals: horses, goats, sheep, pig, chickens, Collect eggs
7am: Breakfast, Clean up duties & tidy Cabins
7.30am: Lesson Horses are saddled up
8am: Arena Lesson, other riders Saddle up
9.30am: Morning Tea & Canteen
10am: Gear check & Mount up
10.30am: Trail Ride & Activities for lesson riders
12pm: Ride back to camp, Untack & groom
12.30pm: Lunch
1pm: Structured activity or free time
2pm: Lesson Horses are saddled up
2.30pm: Arena Lesson, other riders Saddle up
3pm: Afternoon Tea & Canteen
3.30pm: Trail Ride & Activities for lesson riders
5pm: Ride back to camp, Untack & groom
5.30pm: Feed animals, let horses out
Showers, prepare for dinner
6.30pm: Dinner, Clean up duties
7.30pm: Night Programme (Welcome games, Line dancing/Quiz/Bingo night, Campfire, Night walk,
Movie night, Variety show and Presentation evening)
8.30pm: Prepare for bed
9pm: Lights Out
Long ride. Camp fire out in the paddock - sausages & damper lunch
Sleep in - well earned rest for the horses and riders
Kiah Survivor Challenge
Trail ride
Friday Grooming & Best rider competition
Gymkhana with ribbon presentation
Collect gear, Pack bags, Clean cabins
Presentation of certificates after dinner
Saturday 5.15am: Rise, Finish packing, Pack gear in bus
6.00am: Breakfast
7.00am: Leave Kiah Park

Activities can include table tennis, fuse ball, grass toboggans, flying fox, skipping, games, craft making, whip cracking and water fights

I am so excited! Anyone else ever been on a type of camp like this?

AlmostThere 11-28-2009 10:13 PM

I'm glad your error at class didn't end up with anyone hurt - don't beat yourself up about it. I expect you'll remember Toby's idiosyncrasies next time :wink:.

Your camp sounds like fun.

I used to go to a horse camp when I was 12-15, then started working as a camp counselor till I was 18. It was always lots of fun, and yours sounds even better organized than the one I went to.

AztecBaby 11-28-2009 10:22 PM

Ooo! I've been to Kiah Park heaps of times! even though I have my own horses I still love going hehe.. The camps are great! I've never ridden any of the begginer ponies because they always let me ride the instructors horses but they are all very sweet on the ground :D You'll have a blast.

Tayz 11-29-2009 03:28 AM

Thanks. I'm really excited about it :D
The only bad bit is I have to go clothes shopping and find enough clothes for a week -shudders-
Thanks, I hope I didn't make Toby too upset. On tuesday when I go out to feed the horses, I'll try and go up in the paddocks and give him a carrot or something. :)

Gidji 11-29-2009 04:02 AM

I wanna go to Kiah Park! I was gonna go this holidays, but Mum won't let me cause I just got Ricky and she really wants me to work him. So she promised next holidays when they have it on.
You have to tell all that goes on.

Tayz 11-29-2009 04:20 AM

Yep, defiently! :) I'll be taking my camera so I'll take some photo's and show you guys when I get back.

btw Gidji, your horse is beautiful! I love her/his face markings!

Gidji 11-29-2009 04:41 AM

His name is Ricky. He was only gelding about 2 months ago. He's one.

Only thing I'm a bit nervous about is that I'll have to catch a plane to get their, cause I'm in NSW.

Tayz 11-29-2009 05:13 AM

He's a beautiful horse :)
Oh, yer, that would be a bit nerve racking. I was going to go to Longreach and do a week horse thing down there and I would get a certificate in horse breeding but I would have had to go on a plane or train for about 16hours to go there coz I live a few hours away from Kiah Park and I live really far away from there. In the end I couldn't do it and will go next year.
I hope you can go to Kiah Park, here's a vid my freind who I'm going with made when she went last year :)

Gidji 11-29-2009 05:41 AM

Seems like a pretty good place. However, didn't like some of those horse/rider combinations. Some people were just too big for their ponies.
Really a breeding certificate? Wheres that camp at?

Tayz 11-29-2009 05:46 AM

It was at Longreach or Emerald in queensland. I sent an application in and got accepted but I had to decline it in the end. I regret it quite a bit. I'll defiently try and get into it next year when it opens again. If you want to look into it, go onto google and search longreach horse campus or something and you can find it. If you can't find it that way put queensalnd TASTE.

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