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lilkitty90 11-29-2009 07:25 PM

Pregnant Mare Feeding question
so next week i'll be getting a 14 year old Few spot Appaloosa( Snowflake) and she is BEAUTIFUL but she is 8-9 months pregnant (sad that they don't know for sure..... ) this will be my first horse pregnancy.. my mom has been through some before. now snowflake has a bad eye. she's had it for over 8 years.. but she is gentle and still rides great. she has also foaled 3 time before with no problems what so ever. since she is 8-9 months no Fescue hay right?? we are gonna be getting some Orchid Grass for her. and will being on a pasture with little grass be ok. that way she can stretch her legs during the day? because we are gonna have her in a foaling box at night. my first question is. when should i up her feeding?? we normal feed our horses 2 quarts of sweet feed a day. and a 4th of a bale of hay each. will that be plenty for her? or should we go ahead and start feeding her more? and how much do you suggest. also how long till we quit riding her? we will only be riding bareback. can we do that up till the birth? or just untill the last month or what? and yes i am FULLY ready to be on watch duty night after night untill this foal is born. and i completely excited and i want to be there during the birth. any other advice you guys suggest? oh. when should she get her booster shots? and can't we administer those ourselves??

equus717 11-29-2009 09:41 PM

You can adminster them yourselves but the first question I would ask the previous owners is when was she exposed to a stallion? My mare is also 8 months along or possibly 9 months. We know we bred her in 2 different months. Her due dates are either Jan, 17 or Feb. 10, 2010. The thing about feeding I would ask what the previous owners were feeding her and how much. I will be giving PT a scoop and a half in the morning and at night then when she is a month away from due date I will up her again to 2 scoops in the morning and at night. Yes this is a 2 qt. scoop used for horses. Fescue yes you are right none should be given to your mare. Orchid grass hay is fine. I am feeding PT orchid and timothy hay. Turn out is fine. I do not dry lot my mares unless absolutely necessary. She is turned out with the stud right now to keep him company until I can have my foal Caddo gelded and then he will become company for his sire. Riding you can ride her. I don't but none of my broodmares are broke to ride. PT has a bad hip from an injury inquired as a yearling. I would probably not ride her once she hits 10 months along. When you pick her up and the owners can recall when she was exposed to the stud calculate 343 days for gestation. Mares can go as early as 300 days and as late as 380 days. Once a mare reaches 300 days the vets consider the foal to be full term. My mares give birth about 326 days of gestation. I start paying attention to the udder and to the tail croup for signs of labor and impending birth of the foal. I hope that this helps you out.

lilkitty90 12-01-2009 06:11 AM

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ok i'll ask them. the odd thing is i got her off craisglist. and they had her listed as a 17 year old appaloosa that is 5 months pregnant. but then when i called they said she was 8 or 9 and then when i visited they said she was 14 years old.. could a vet palpitating her tell me roughly when she is do? the stallion they breed to is a on their second farm. so technically they should know when or at least the week they put her with him. but i don't know it all seems sketchy.

are you any good with genetics?? so far snowflake has had 2 babies. her first one was a light palamino. her 2nd was black blanket app with LOTS of roaning. and the 3rd looked the exact same as the first. i'm hoping she is flopping back and forth and another black blanket app is next because he was beautiful i looked for a picture of something close to him and this was as close as i could get. he looked like that but with black instead of brown. (no the picture isn't mine i found it off google for comparison reasons) also the stallion is a jet black quarter horse. and she is white with a brown spot here and there. with a brown mane and tail. and all her legs are brown from the knee down. so how do you think they next baby will come out??

Eastowest 12-01-2009 12:06 PM

Was she bred to the same stallion for all of her foals? If not then the palominos might have acquired their cream gene from their sire-- its still possible that the black QH has a cream gene I suppose-_ I was just speculating on whether the mare herself might have a cream gene.

Without knowing anything about her bloodlines or her original base color its really hard make any type of "educated" guess on what colors she could produce, besides what we already know...... If she is a "true" fewspot, her foals should always have Appaloosa characteristics (mottled skin, striped feet, sclera-- usually some roaning eventually)-- but they might not show up right away. She can produce black, so she has at least one little a, and since she can produce palomino, she has at least one little e, so she can also produce chestnut, depending on the stallion she is bred to. (AND we don't know if she has a cream gene or not or if the sire contributed it.....)

Regardless, I hope you get exactly what you want! LOL

lilkitty90 12-01-2009 01:29 PM

yes same stallion every time. i'll get some pics when we bring her home this weekend!! i didn't get any good looks at the palamino's but they may have some mottling but i didn't get any close ups of em. and thanks i WILL get exactly what i want. because color doesn't matter i just want the little guy/girl to be healthy and happy. if thats happens and all goes well. then i will have exactly what i've always wanted.

lilkitty90 12-01-2009 01:32 PM

and now that i think about it. could it be possible that she is whiteish with a blanket?? because the spots are only on her rump if i am recalling correctly. but can blanket apps be like that? also on all of her legs from the knee down are a brownish color so i'm really not sure. lol i'm not very good with genetics and colors and such

Eastowest 12-01-2009 05:01 PM

Yes, she could have been a blanketed horse that roaned, and is now white enough to look "fewspot".

My stallion still has a fair amount of "varnishing" showing, but he was born solid bay with only a small white blanket over the top of his hips. If he roans further so that his varnishing roans off, he will eventually look "fewspot". You can see his one spot on the top of his left hip.

lilkitty90 12-01-2009 06:42 PM

if he roaned out some more he would look fairly close to her! so thats probably what happened she is a blanket app thats roaning which would help explain why the colt she had has a pretty good amount of roaning as well

lilkitty90 12-02-2009 10:26 AM

ok well i measured our "foaling box" and it is definatly NOT a foaling box! it's only 10ft by 12ft definatly not big enough. would it be ok for her to have the foal outside in our 2 acre pasture? that whole pasture is made of wire. but not barbed wire. and while she is there i will reflag the fense in either pink, green or orange flags. the pasture is about 2 acres? with a place to get out of the rain under the trees. would this be suitable? because i definatly don't think the stall is big enough. and i want her to be away from the other horses incase they do something stupid and hurt her while she is foaling.

mbender 12-02-2009 10:53 AM

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hi there. you sound like a worried grandmother/mother. i was in your situation back in April. I bought a mare last November,, possibly bred and she was.. i was just as worried as you. the nice thing was is i kept in contact with her previous owner and asked about her other foaling experiences. this reassured me. i did not have a barn or a stall to let her foal in. in fact the barn/stall i did have her in, made her too nervous. i decided to let nature take its course. she safley had her baby and was a great momma. she will protect her newborn and the baby will not wander away from mom for a while. if it makes you feel better, call the vet to see where she is at in her pregnancy. honestly, i just watched her. i watched her belly, her tail, her backend area.., and her bag. when she is bagged big time with possible wax or milk coming out she is super close. my mare didnt wax up or no milk coming from her teats. so no clue for me. i would just watch her. i fed grain, mare feed. started out at one scoop then two and then 3. i also gave her her shots( alot cheaper that way) and wormed her with safeguard. you will want to get a foal blanket. get on line and just do alot of research or get some books. always better to find out all you can and be prepared for the day. good luck!

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