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Gidji 12-01-2009 07:54 PM

Farrier+Young Horse
Ok, so Ricky is getting his first trim with me today in about 2 hours.
He has had his feet trimmed before but not with me. He picks up his feet very well and lets me tap them with a hoof pick and I've tried my hardest to just get him so well behaved.
Any tips on how to just keep him well-behaved?
How did your horses first experiences go with the farrier?
Would it be wise to take a few treats with me in case he gets a bit....restless?

However, I have to walk him about 700 metres because the farrier is coming 2 houses up from where I board and its just easier for him. I have to walk Ricky through a paddock with 4 horses in it and I'm a teensy bit concerned. These horses are generally well behaved but what if they come and sniff Ricky and a fight or commotion starts?
Should I just actively walk through the paddock and try to ignore the horses?
What should I do if he kicks out at them or something happens?
And there's no point saying have someone else there to shoo them away as I don't have anyone to help me today. He has walked through the paddock before (4 times?) and the horses have sniffed him. They never come directly to his face, but to his butt and everything has been ok. My dad just shoos them and tells me to keep walking.
I keep telling myself I've dealt with these situations before but I've always had someone watching or someone who could come in and help if it got too out of hand, but for some reason I'm just really nervous. I love my boy with all my heart, and I know I should trust him and I do, but I guess some advice would be really helpful guys. What should I do if the horses start coming towards him? Just keep walking him? Or stop and let them sniff?

Kudos and cookies if you read all that! :D

Amir 12-01-2009 08:05 PM

I would just keep walking. It's if you stop and let them sniff that any comotions would start.
Does he let you bring his leg forward like the farrier will? That's something that would be worth checking. If he's not comfortable with you doing it, will he be comfortable with a stranger? Would he put his foot on a stool or hoof rest?

Gidji 12-01-2009 08:18 PM

Ok, so keep walking. Got it :D Thanks!
So I just gotta tough it up and smile and keep walking.

Well he lets me pick up his feet and hold them like a farrier would and he normally is pretty comfortable around strangers. But I will get there half an hour early just let him settle in and have a look at the all the spooky strange objects.

Amir 12-01-2009 08:31 PM

Yeah that sounds like a good idea letting him settle in.
Hope it all goes well!

Gidji 12-01-2009 08:34 PM

Thanks. Fingers crossed it all goes well :D

Gidji 12-02-2009 01:24 AM

^^Sorry double post. Stupid thingo won't let me edit.

Everything went.....okay. I wouldn't say perfect but it was good.
I actually convinced my Mum to take half an hour off work and help me lead him over. I didn't really need the help leading him, I just needed her help so she could shoo away the other horses. I put an old show halter and chain on him and he behaved really well. We had a little run back when we went past the scary naughty stallion and a little spaz walking downhill but I think that was because he slipped.

He made 2 new friends too. Gidji was a bit apprehensive and ran away from him at first but after about 5 minutes they were all happy and sniffing each other over. And I feel like such a proud Mum, but Ricky has his first girlfriend, Nessie. They were licking and kissing and grooming each other and it was just so sweet. I just hope she doesn't break his heart when she finds out he's not a colt. Nessie is notorious for breaking hearts LOL. She's a little tart.

And now onto the farrier part. And this part was certainly interesting. I let him watch Gidji get shod just so he was familiar with the farrier and the banging etc. He behaved really well. And even when he had his feet done, he lifted them up straight away and just held his foot there on the stool thingo. I was really proud of him. However, I also found out my farrier has been trimming Ricky since he was a baby and I found out that my baby had an operation as a weanling. He had Imflammation of the Growth Plates in both his knees. He got it from his Mum having too rich milk. Anyways, I had always wondered about his knees and now I know. But I did ask when I bought him about his medical history and I wasn't told. I bought him off the breeder and I felt I should've been told. Anyways, I was so proud of my boy and I wish he was as good at worming as he was at the farrier.

Kashmere 12-04-2009 01:55 PM

Good thing the farrier at least could've told you about the operation and such!
Also good to hear he's doing so well ^_^

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