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Ride4Life 11-03-2007 07:32 PM

Oak Manor
well i use to ride at a horse stable called oak manor. it was a HUGE horse stable & i just loved it..all the horses there were great & i jsut fell in love with a thoroughbred gelding named Theo.He was kinda old but he never acted like it. He use to jump in those big shows like the grand prix & all so he was an amazing jumper. Everytime you rode him he had this amazing rocking horse canter so it was really fun.But then, because he was old & jumped so much in those shows he had artheritis(i dont know if i spelled that right) but anyways i didnt get to ride him all summer & then, at my house we got a call & it said that oak manor was sold to a college for 3 million dollars. I just hated it cause in the newspaper one of the college students that rode there said "were doing the same thing that we always did there but it feels so much better that we own the place now."because the owner of oak manor like let all the college students at their college ride there & keep their horses & stuff there so ya.when i heard that i was like "ya well thanks for running everyone else who rode there out!" . but anyways all the horses that i rode there were sold or givin away so now, i have no clue were theo is & all the other horses are.but i guess on the good side is that i found a new riding stables, but its deffenitely isnt the same..
haha i look reallly bad in that picture & i was only like 11 years old but anyways thats Theo

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