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mysugarap 12-04-2009 02:17 PM

got a question
ok has anyone ever had a horse that sweats in one spot? 12 year old arabian will sweat in one spot on her neck. she willl start sweating before a even get her saddled up. i have owned her for 4 years and she never did this. she started doing this in the begging of this year. last year in november i took her to the vet because she was swinging her one back leg vet said she might possibly have that emp desease. so he gave me the medicine that was supposed to help her get better. well it helped her too a point so i decided to have anther vets opein on her. he told me she doesnt have emp becsaue he owned a horse that had it and he was way worse. he said that she pulled something and told me to put her on bute for 14 days. that seemed to help her. then two weeks ago i had a message theripest out on her and she said her hack is sore and she told me to get one of those hack wrapes. so i am thinking the sweating in one spot is a sid effect from the epm medicine!!! what do you guys think? have you seen a horse that sweats in one spot?

sillybunny11486 12-04-2009 02:22 PM

its EPM, its a parasitic like disease that effect the central nervous system, specifically the spine. The drugs to treat that arent cheep! I cant believe a vet would suggest that on a whim. I doubt the medication would effect sweating.

I think you mean Hock- her hock is sore, its like the knee for the back leg. I would talk to the vet see if she/he thought it was just muscular or arthritic.

If you horse is ONLY sweating there she could have anhydrosis. But if she just sweats in that spot, then later starts sweating elsewere its something different, and im not really sure about what that could be.

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