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Sea To Sky 12-06-2009 06:15 AM

Horseware Rambo Micklem MultiBridle
Anyone have one? thoughts and opinions? I am thinking about IMP one for my horse as they sound really good! But as they are in UK and i am in NZ i have never seen them or heard of them before...

MissDiva 12-06-2009 11:10 AM

I have actually seen one and was less than impressed. The clips on the bridle for changing the shape are made of plastic, which I found cheap looking and the leather seemed so/so.

gypsygirl 12-07-2009 12:20 AM

i think the competition one looks really nice ! i would like to try one out

gypsygirl 12-13-2009 11:15 PM

bumping this up ! anyone have experience with this bridle ?

Sea To Sky 12-14-2009 12:22 AM

Thanks =D

Padrona 01-08-2010 04:38 PM

I have the competition bridle and love it. My horse doesn't rub her head like she used to after riding. I use it both bitless and with a bit.

My only complaint is that the strap that passes under the jaw is WAY too short. I have the Cob sized bridles (2 of them) for my Arabians, and all the straps fit except I had to punch an extra hole at the very end of the strap for the stallion as his jaw is too big. Even at that it is still tight. I plan to have that strap replaced, but I think it's ridiculous that they make that strap SO short. I have like 5 extra holes on all the other straps!

KiwiGal77 01-08-2010 04:49 PM

Lovely hoof in the pic Padrona ... serious concavity and wall thickness!! (domestic or wild/feral?)

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