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laturcotte 12-06-2009 05:08 PM

Christopher Robin
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We have an animal rescue and recently purchased a mini pony from another rescue for a companion for our blind 39 year old pony named Honey. It didn't workout but Christopher Robin is a total sweetheart. He is a 25+ year old gelding and beat her up pretty bad but is very gentle and kind to us. He kicked her and bit her so we had to separate them. They live side by side but are fenced from one another. Christopher can be a little sneaky, he puts his head through the fence and will nip her but only if you're not watching. If you catch him and reprimand him he'll run but if you walk away and hide he'll slowly walk back make sure the coast is clear and do it again. If you pop out he'll run.

He will eat his weight in food and then plenty more if you'd let him. We'd always find the poop barrell knocked over and the small overflow water bucket would be across the yard so we bought him a horse ball and he loves it. Carries it all around the yard. Can't leave a gate unlatched or he'll have it opened and be out before you can move. If we leave the sliding door to the hay stall ajar he will work his nose in there and slide it open and in he goes. OMG he is hysterical. My husband says if anything ever were to happen to Honey we would definately get another mini, just no room now.

After the first picture he had to come over to investigate what I had, probably thought it was food and wanted some, he's soooo noisey, he's adorable and has the biggest tail I've ever seen. He sleeps laying down and takes 1/2 to get all the shavings out of that tail.
I love mini's.:-P

Vidaloco 12-06-2009 05:12 PM

So thats the little stinker who bit your mare! :lol:
He is a cutie, and that tail is amazing. He has a Clydesdale tail on a mini body

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