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ILoveHorses1212 11-05-2007 05:33 PM

Some Tips?
Can you give me some tips on riding, feeding, and everything for when I get my horse. I did research I know a lot. But I just want some tips!

All help will be appreciated! :D

GallopAway 11-05-2007 06:31 PM

Is there anything in particular?

Just ask your trainer or someone experience, they can help a ton. =]

ILoveHorses1212 11-05-2007 08:38 PM

I dont have a trainer..

Also, How long do you have to wait after you get a horse to ride it?

Dont you have to feed them 2 times a day? But how much? If I get it in flakes.

meggymoo 11-06-2007 03:04 AM


Congratulations on getting a horse. :wink:
When you ride your horse is down to you. Depending on how far a horse has travelled, I either ride the next day or the following. It also gives them a bit of time to familiarise themselves with their new surroundings etc.
As for feed, have you asked what feed he/she was on before? What sort of workload will he have with you? How much does he weigh? All of these will play a large part in how much and what you feed.
Whats your new horse called? Bet your very excited. :D

Vidaloco 11-06-2007 07:28 AM

If you haven't picked out the horse you want yet I suggest you chose one that fits your level of riding. An older horse makes a good first horse. If you have little or no experience look at horses at least 7 years old or older. Also don't chose a horse just because it is pretty. I'm not sure a rescue horse is a good choice for a beginner unless its a neglect case and the horse has been well broke in the past. Take someone who is horse savvy with you when looking at horses. Do at least a couple of test rides. We trail ride so when buying our last horses we went trail riding for about 3 hours on them. Have a vet check done, there are some people out there who will drug a horse when someone is coming to look at it so it appears quiet and then when you get it home its a demon horse :twisted: When we have looked at horses we tell the people to leave it in its pasture or whatever until we get there so we can see how easy it is to catch. Thats a big thing for me, I hate a horse I have to chase all over the field and refuse to do it, so I had better be able to walk up to it. I guess thats a long enough post :) Good luck in your search.
Ok one more thing, don't rule out mixed breed horses. I had a mix that was a really great trail horse and I got her for cheap because I wasn't paying for her papers.

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