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free_sprtd 11-05-2007 11:28 PM

Not sure what to do....need some quick advice :( LONG
So I just bought my horse on friday and I love him to death! He is so wonderful, except that he is still young and I can't ride him for about a year. I am boarding at my sis in law's place where she already has a ton of horses. The lady I am taking lessons with has an older horse ,24yrs, (I rode him last week) who has joint problems I guess. She has only had him for about a month so doesnt know too mucha bout him except that he is an ex barrel racing horse who actually had some wins, and that he is very well trained. she is offering to give him to us for FREE because she doesnt have any the space at her stables to board him. Plus she thinks he would be better out to pasture 24/7 so he would always be able to move (unlike in a stall). My sis in law already has many horses and doesnt have a lot of time to take him on, but doesn't want him to be in pain so is willing to take him on possibly if it would be good to have him for trail rides. He would be out to pasture where it gets to be below freezing and he wouldnt have a stall, just some big trees to hide under. The trainer knows this, and yet is saying that that situation would be better for his joints. I just dont know what is the best situation. I know she can find him another home, but it's tempting bc he is really sweet. But I don't think being out in the cold all winter is the best situation for him with joint problems. We think the trainer is just using us bc she knows we care and want to take care of him. Any advice or input?? Sorry so long.

Jacki 11-06-2007 01:40 AM

You have answered your own question here, I think you just want someone to tell you you should take him so that you can try and dull your common sence screaming in your ear "DON'T DO IT!!" It would be cruel to put an old horse out into cold weather like that. Besides, this trainer is total taking advantage of your good nature. I had basically the exsact same thing happen to me. My trainer OF FIVE YEARS tried to "give" me a aged horse that suposedly had very minor arthritis, (she too had been given him three months before because he was sweet enough for anyone to ride). Anyway, at first I said YES please, then my mum stepped in and said no I don't think so, somethings not right about this. Three months after that he died! Old age supposedly, I was never really told why, (he was only 18!). This is far from the only such story I know. You wouldn't believe how often people are scamed like this. Basically, these people are passing the buck of having to put the animal down.
Sorry I know this is long but, for your question on what is better for him. Definatly light work is a must but freezing cold weather is a BIG NO NO. AND most old horses will do very little movement regardless of the paddock size.
I know its hard, every year I get offered horses "for free".
It will only cause you a whole lot of heart ache to see him in pain, cost you loads of money, and then more money and way more heart ache to put him down and berry him eventually.
Sorry, couldn't you ride your sisters' horses?

free_sprtd 11-06-2007 02:33 AM

yes I can ride her horses. Thank you for your input. I guess I came across a little naive, which I am new to the horse life. I am really starting to realize what kind of ppl are out there that deal in horses. It's a completely different world. Maybe I just needed someone to agree with me.....I don't know a whole about horses yet, so that is why I asked to be reassured. Thanks!

Ride4Life 11-13-2007 04:15 PM

arhhh i was offered to young thoroughbreds like a month ago & they were perffectly fine but my mom wouldnt take em! & they were for free! :roll: some times i dont get y my mom wont take advantage in situations like that...

laceyf53 11-18-2007 04:28 PM

I'll take him if he's in Oregon, we've been looking for a free older horse. I live in the middle of the desert in Southern California and it definitely only reaches about 35 degrees at the coldest during the winter.

Ride4Life 11-18-2007 08:52 PM

sry he's in va lol...if he was in oregen i would deff hook you up with em lol :wink:

free_sprtd 11-18-2007 09:16 PM

well she took him and surprisingly, he is doing great! unexpected, but hasnt been limping at all. thanks for the advice!

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