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mpbmorganev 12-13-2009 09:47 PM

horse treats...
I am thinking of making horse treats and offering them at low prices (plus shipping).

I would like to get an idea for how many people would be interested in purchasing them. (They would cost under $10, plus whatever shipping to your location is).
I do not want to make a whole, big batch and find out no one is interested in buying.

Ingredients include:
Apples, Peppermints, Carrots (either all 3, a combo of 2, or just 1, depending on what you want)
**The treats won't be solid/really hard like a lot of horse treats. They will be a bit squishy/chewey

If enough people are interested in buying, I will post more info, like how many come in one package and how much each package costs.

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