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southernbound 06-09-2014 04:50 AM

Custom saddle Tx/NM ideas?
So, heres my deal. I'm a pretty proficient leather worker. Mostly I do belts, quivers, jacket collars, that sort of thing. I BADLY want a custom saddle though. My old baby has taken quite a few beatings and it might be time to retire her. What would just make my life is if I could find a saddle maker that would give me the leather before it was sewn and let me carve it. Anyone have any ideas?

boots 06-09-2014 09:23 AM

Call saddle makers, or drop by the shop of makers whose work you like. Bring a bit of your own. Explain what you want to do, and let the negotiations begin!

Fort fireman 06-14-2014 06:03 PM

I agree with Boots. Stop by someplace and talk to a saddle maker. He may be abl to cut out your peices and you carve while they are working on the tree and ground seat. then you send them back for the final assembly. I would take some of your work for them to see. They can be a little territorial about their work. If your carving isn't up to their standards you may have a hard time getting them to do it. Or if you think you are u to it here ya go.

Saddlebag 06-14-2014 08:31 PM

Try the major saddle companies. At one time some would ship out all the parts, pre-cut for you to assemble. Dusty Johnson put out a small book on building a saddle. I highly recommend you get it. Before building a saddle, repair is an excellent way to learn about saddlemaking especially how the cheaper ones are made vs the better ones.

southernbound 06-16-2014 08:45 AM

Awesome! Thanks for the ideas everyone! :)

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