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Vidaloco 11-10-2007 06:52 PM

Board or Not ?
It seems most people on the forum board their horses. Just curious what the stats are.

KANSAS_TWISTER 11-10-2007 07:40 PM

i keep my 2 at home but find thst it's a little bit of a pain to do that, it makes family trips slim to none.

Vidaloco 11-11-2007 05:42 AM


Originally Posted by KANSAS_TWISTER
i keep my 2 at home but find thst it's a little bit of a pain to do that, it makes family trips slim to none.

I hear that, between the horses, dogs cats and chickens its tough. Now with the price of gas its hard to ask family to drive 30 miles to feed them and I hate to impose on neighbors.

KANSAS_TWISTER 11-11-2007 12:17 PM

lol...the nieghbors next door owe me enough favors that they wouldn't mind doing it, i've cought there horses to many time to count, but i'm the type of person who will worry if they haven't closed the gate right, or if the deer are in the barn again bothering the horseso r the phyco nieghbor to the east of us is traspassing again, just minor thing's like that

Tanner&Flashy 11-15-2007 04:23 PM

I currently keep my horses at a local stable, but we are in the process of getting them to our house. We have cleared the land and have planted grass, we just have to wait for it to root and grow so that they won't kill it instantly. Next up will be the fences and the barn. It's going to be a TON of work, but definitely worth it. :) I have thought about the fact that vacations won't be very often. Bummer! LOL I know I'll want to ride more often too because I won't have to drive 15 minutes just to get there.

Vidaloco 11-15-2007 08:15 PM

T&F if your like us we still take vacations they just include the horses. Just a bit of advice from someone who has changed fence out 3 time. Put the right kind up the first time. We started out unprepared and just stuck up T-posts and stock panels. We finally got braces put up and put in barbless wire. Well now we are putting up woven wire horse fence. I get to spend the day tomorrow putting the little fence clips on...Oh boy ! Just in case you were wondering we added brace posts every so often so hopefully they won't lean it over any time soon.

kim_angel 11-16-2007 08:53 AM

I board my horses at a friends stable.
My husband and I have a five year plan though.
In 5 yrs our trucks will be paid off, his child support will be done and we hope to sell our house and buy a small stable of our own.

Got2Gallop 02-11-2008 01:04 AM

I wish to God I could have my own place and not BO is looney tunes and a control freak. :(

appylover31803 02-11-2008 11:11 AM

my boyfriend and i board our horses, but hopefully within this year, we'll have a house and move them there.

my2geldings 02-23-2008 12:38 AM

Having done both, there are great and bad things about both staying at home and boarding.

I have to say tho I prefer to board. Access to a great facility, indoor and outdoors rings, lessons, training under saddle for my green horse, great horse people.

Great environment to be in.

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