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JavaLover 12-15-2009 04:06 PM

Oils in feed
I was wondering what type of oil I could add to my horse's feed to help him gain weight, and how much to add. Thanks! :-)

Production Acres 12-15-2009 04:43 PM

Not that I am a "natural" or "organic" nut at all, nor am I trying to be smart. But in a natural setting, the horse will generally have a stream of corn oil or sunflower oil to drink out of that runs parellel to the one filled with water;.)

Some better hay, a little more hay, or some more feed will generally do the trick!!

sillybunny11486 12-15-2009 04:51 PM

Oils can go bad easily. There are so many kinds for horses

Rice Bran
Wheat Germ

I try to look for ones with omega 3 and 6, high in unsaturated and none to low in saturdated or transfats. I also go with the less expensive ones, that are still good quality.

Ryle 12-16-2009 11:31 AM

Yes, it is safe to add oil to y our horse's diet and it provides more than twice the digestible energy for the body to use than protein. Horses can handle up to 20% fat in their diet a day. Oil doesn't lead to the jump in blood sugar or the increased risk of gastric ulcers or colic that grain based concentrate feeds do either.

For an average sized horse, you can add 1-2 cups of oil per day. You can use any number of types of oil--flax, canola, sunflower seed, corn, etc. For horses with inflammatory issues such as arthritis or allergies, you want to choose an oil that is lower in Omega 3 fatty acids as these feed into the inflammatory cycle so choose flax or canola oil for these horses.

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