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Nita 11-11-2007 03:32 PM

ok so all of these stories are true

we have this horse named PJ. he is the dumbest thing, but we can't bear to get rid of him cuz he is sooo funny!!!

last night all of the horses were in the corrals and PJ wanted out. we have cows too and so we have a cattle chute to load them on the trucks. At about 10 at night i hear a sound that i can't quite place. i go out side and there outside my house, eating my yard is PJ. he jumped out the cattle chute, and i know this cuz his pasturemate, Dixie was standing at the bottom of it whinnying for him and there were hoofprints leading out of it. now our cattle chute is metal, there was a very wet snow coming down, and PJ has metal shoes on. also, the end of the chute is about 5 feet off the ground right now. and, there is NO traction on that thing. i am amazed he made it out unscathed, although by now i should know...

another time, i was getting the horse in on foot as they were out were they could get away from a vehicle. there were 11 of them out there at that time and they KNEW, i swear, that the farrier was coming that day. after 1/2 hour of chasing them around, Knox, who is the leader, took pity on me and went towards the barn. PJ wa down a hill and as he saw them leaving him, ran up the hill. on that whole hill there was 1, I REPEAT, 1 rock. he runs up the hill, trips on the rock, and falls, rolls ALL the way down the hill, gets up, and runs to the barn!!! i am still standing there, slack-jawed. i couldn't believe it!!! when i got to the barn, there was not one scratch on him!!!

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