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ShaniNev87 11-11-2007 10:06 PM

Stretch Exercises For Your Horse
Had a horse chiropractor out and he gave me some stretch exercises to do with my horse and thought to share! If you have any others please tell!!! Also found a good site to help strenthen your horses back with exercises to check out.

My exercises:
1) Tail: (Make sure you dont have a kicker) Grab hold of your horses tail and standing behind you horse bend down to your knees and pull slightly, till you feel your horse pulling against you in the opposite direction.

2) Tail: Grab tail and bring it up and back as far as you can and hold. Some horses tails are a lot more flexible...for example one of mine goes all the way back and touches his butt & my other cant go back very far.

3)Head/Neck: Turn head as far as possible to each side while keeping his neck and head straight and hold. So his nose should be as close as he can to touching where you leg would sit if you were to be on his back.

4)Head/Neck: Stand bit far and rest his nose on your shoulder with your hands placed up and just behind his ears. Allow your horse to relax and stretch, as he stretch pull back a little.

5)Neck/Back: Pull horses rope between front legs/ stretching along his neck and back and hold.

6)Front Legs: Stretch front legs by pulling them forward from the hoof so leg totally outstretched.

I think that is all i can remember...i really suck at explaining. Ill take pics tommorow so i can put pics to go with each so your not totally like what the hell is she on about!!! It will make much more sense ;)!!!

jazzyrider 11-20-2007 02:05 AM

i know its been a while since this was posted which surprises me but did you ever get those pics you were talking about? id like to see them because i dont quite get what you mean with a couple of those exercises :)

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