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sillybunny11486 12-17-2009 10:17 AM

Companion looking for a home
My horses are kept with a sweet black/dark bay broodmare. Early 20's or late teens. I dont think shes broke, and is probably not breedable any more. She needs a home or she's going to be put down. Shes low on the pecking order and very nice. She does have a sway back and big belly from having 13+ foals. She could use some weight but she's not a skeleton. She's fed mostly beet pulp (instead of grain). I dont see anything physically wrong with her. I can try to get more info about her. I can also get pictures if anyone wants them. Please PM me.

I have a trailer, so I can take her to you (within a few hours), or meet you somewere. I'll send her with wormer (she should be UTD though) and I can get my farrier to trim her feet. Not sure if she has a coggins, but I can get that from my vet as well. Coggins are require if you are crossing state lines.

Erin_And_Jasper 12-17-2009 05:23 PM

man if i could take her i would!!!

sillybunny11486 12-17-2009 05:25 PM

If you know of anyone let me know.

Erin_And_Jasper 12-17-2009 09:56 PM

where at in pa are you?

kim_angel 12-18-2009 03:43 AM

Who does she belong to? From your post it doesnt sound like you own her?

sillybunny11486 12-18-2009 09:32 AM

I'm listing her for the barn owner. Her owner, myself and the BO are really trying to find her a home. I dont think anyone wants to see her put down. But if she cant find a home, it is what it is. There are just so many horses out there. Sometimes the best thing to do is put down an unwanted horse, instead of sending them to auction where they will probably be dog food. Especially in her case since shes older and not ridden.

I'm in Bucks County PA. Close to Philly.

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