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ramzi 12-18-2009 05:15 AM

So ive been riding for 5 months now... and i decided to start jumping lessons...

yesterday i was given a new horse, ladylara... well i started off normally and when i was told to canter, the horse went crazy, she started galloping at top speed around the arena and i just couldnt get her 2 stop... she was aiming for the high jumps and i managed to steer her from jumping but then she aimed for the outside fence and i was there helplessly thinking how shes gonna throw me against the metel...she braked really hard right before she got to the fence and i fell off but grabbed onto her neck... i was terrified...

My coach explained that pulling back on the rein wont help because the horses neck is a very strong muscle,i should try to keep her in a circle to decrease her speed and avoid allowing her to run straight and pulling 1 rein back towards my knee to turn her head backwards if i wanted her 2 stop... the thing is i cantered again and i managed to keep her in a tight circle... but her canter is extremely fast and im just scared of trying any sort of jumping with her because i would imagine she would fly if i got her to jump and wouldnt stop... i guess the experience of feeling helpless on a horse is making me scared of trying jumps with her... any tips? should i insist on changing the horse? my coach says i should keep the same horse to learn how 2 control her...

farmpony84 12-18-2009 10:18 AM

I think your coach is wrong. The advice she gave you on controlling the canter is pretty right but it sounds to me like she's too much horse for you right now and she needs to find something more suitable for you.

But good job to you for staying on and finishing your lesson.

Vidaloco 12-18-2009 11:00 AM

I agree your trainer should look for a horse to suit your riding level.
Its suppose to be fun not terrifying. You need to get your confidence level up before you move up a level in riding.

StormyBlues 12-18-2009 03:59 PM


ridergirl23 12-19-2009 11:29 AM

after only five monthes of riding i dont think you should have to deal with that yet. i agree with everybody else :P

Jolly Badger 12-19-2009 02:13 PM

Was moving up to jumping lessons a decision you made on your own, or did your coach suggest it?

After five months, maybe you should consider staying in flat-only lessons, learning to develop your basic riding skills before moving on to over-fences work.

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