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starlinestables 12-18-2009 06:38 PM

Letter to SmartPak.. I'm PO'ed!
"Please forward this email to your supervisor.

So far the customer service I have received has been wonderful with the exception of today. I called smartpak in hopes of finding out my tracking number for my package and for some reason smartpak couldn't produce one and UPS refuses to help me with out that number. I was hoping that I could pick up my package at their distribution center but with out that tracking number.....well you know.

To me, it's bad business to not make tracking numbers accessible to your customers and if for some reason UPS isn't supplying them to you (which they have assured me they have) then use a different shipping company.

When I made my purchase I believe on the 10th, I specified that I would like my items by the 18th and to charge my card for additional shipping if necessary. I received a voice mail saying that the mugs couldn't make by the 18th due to customization but the other items would get here and they are not here. The other items I purchased were prizes for my barn party I'm throwing for my boarders. Now I have NOTHING for my boarders.... Thank you."

I'm sooo pissed off! Who doesn't have freaking tracking numbers?

Luv 2 Trail 12-18-2009 07:23 PM

:-?Wonder why they couldn't give you a tracking number?? That's strange. Sorry for all the trouble - and to end up not having the gifts you had planned on - I'd be fit to be tied!

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