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Piper182 12-19-2009 03:02 PM

Stallion to gelding... for the worse?
In my spare time, I'm riding a cute little quarter horse gelding for my friend. Doc is a western pleasure boy, but we used to do both english and western on him.

When he came to our barn he was a stud. Sweetest, most amazing stud ever. He's from the Doc breeding line and they are known for that. As a stud, we rode without spurs for english and he knew squeezing meant go forward and he knew the head placement and he was beautiful. As soon as you put western spurs on, he knew to drop his head, squeezing meant slow down and jogging and loping was dreamlike.

They gelded him because he was almost sold, but it failed and he's still here. Granted, he hasn't had as much love as he used to, but I've found his undersaddle has changed.

He's still an angel, but he likes to fight the western "frame". well not fight, just slowly raise his head. he goes too fast and tends to mess with little kids. He was never like that as a stallion. we gave 5 year olds lessons on him as a stallion.

Has anyone ever seen this before? I've been thinking of just loving him up and really working on making everything fun, but can anyone think of another reason he would change like that? We used to show him both English and Western and he won everything.


mom2pride 12-19-2009 03:32 PM

If he hasn't been worked with as much, that could certainly explain it...maybe when he gets back into regular work things will go back to normal.

If he is indeed fighting his 'western frame' has back or neck, or even joint trouble been ruled out? WP can be really hard on the horse's joints\back, etc, because they are forced into a frame that is certainly very unusual for them; to low, and with little impulsion.

Maybe just "ride" him for a while, without expecting him to be in any real sort of frame; just enjoy him, and let him find a natural frame.

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