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mudypony 12-22-2009 12:14 AM

?'s on Half Chaps, Boots, Helmet, Breeches
I'm interested in purchasing some new stuff for riding. Most of my stuff is so worn. For example, I'm wearing mismatched boots in different colors/sizes because mine broke and my half chaps have holes all over them. Anyways enough ranting and I'll get straight to the point.

I'm going to list the ones I'm interested in and hope to get some reviews on them, and maybe even get other suggestions of your favorite brands.

1st off half chaps...
Tredstep Deluxe Half Chaps - Chaps from SmartPak Equine

Paddock boots...
Ariat<sup></sup> Heritage III Zip Paddock from SmartPak Equine
Mountain Horse Celine Zip Paddock Boot - Dover Saddlery.

Helmets... (my head sweats a lot so I would love to know if anyone has these helmets and if they keep their heads cool)
IRH ATH SSV Helmet from SmartPak Equine
IRH Elite Ultra Helmet from SmartPak Equine
Charles Owen JR8 Junior Helmet from SmartPak Equine

Breeches... I'm totally lost with choosing breeches, so if anyone has suggestions on their favorites I'd love to know. Also, I'm looking for mainly full seats.

Polaris 12-22-2009 01:22 PM

I have the IRH ATH SSV helmet and find that it really does not ventilate all that well.

While it's an attractive helmet (I have it in the solid black), if your head gets hot rather easily, you might not be comfortable in this helmet.

PoohLP 12-22-2009 01:53 PM

I just got the Tredsteps half chaps. I really like them. When I first got them, I had to have someone zip them up for me, but it was much easier after that. I sort of wish I'd bought them a size longer than I did (17 instead of 16), even though I measured a 16. THe size doesn't account for dropping.

I have the Ariat Colbalt Pro lace up boots and LOVE them. THey are the most comfortable boot (I don't like zip boots as they don't conform to my feet well enough.

I just got the IRH ATH SSV helmet in the grey/black. It looks really sharp, but I havent worn it yet, so can't speak for how it is.

I recommend Kerrit breeches. THey are super comfortable, and come in both knee patches and full seat. I haven't tried the full seats, but I really like the overall comfort of the material.

mudypony 12-22-2009 04:58 PM

Thanks for the advice!!

I think I'm most likely going to go with the Tredstep halfchaps. They have such good reviews from everyone I've talked to. I was interested in the Cobalt paddock boots also but I think they are out of my price range, unless I happen to stumble across a great deal. As for helmets I'm still lost on which one to get. I really like the look of the Elite Ultra, but it's kind of pricey.

Polaris 12-22-2009 07:47 PM

I happen to have the Ariat Cobalt paddock boots, and they are wonderful. Expensive @$180.00, but very comfortable and durable. They were certainly a splurge item.

HeartMyOTTB 12-22-2009 09:12 PM

If you would like to save money, here are a couple tips that may help...

Half Chaps...
I was blowing through half chaps because I would buy cheapies. So I sucked it up and got the Ariat Concords. They are excellent chaps with a full grain, supple leather on the outside and suede inside for grip. They have full length elastic panel for a custom-like fit and a back zipper instead of a side. So you can wear them in the absence of show boots in some lower level shows.
Ariat Concord Half Chaps - Dover Saddlery.
And they are 50 bucks cheaper than the Tredsteps!!

Paddock Boots...
I bought cheap black zipper paddock boots by Tuff-Rider while I saved up for better boots. I still haven't bought those "better" boots. My Tuff-riders have excellent tred, you would never know by looking at them that they were tuff-riders, the zipper is strong, and they were like 30 dollars! Amazing!

As for helmets, I have an IRH. Its an SSI approved helmet and looks as nice as any other. It serves my purposes just fine. But I hear that the Charles Owen's are fantastic.

Breeches, I just try and find sales. And I try to stay away from low-rise. But Im not picky as far as brands. Good luck!!

upnover 12-23-2009 12:31 AM

Tredsteps are by far my favorite brand of half chaps yet. I've seen just about every model of Ariats fall apart and Grand Prixs too in a fraction of the life span of the Tredsteps. I've had mine for about 2 years now which is just about a miracle.
Pros: Since you can get an exact measurement size instead of s/m/l you're pretty much guarenteed of a good fit. Excellent quality, VERY durable. Look great.
Cons: if the buttons get any amount of sand in them they get stuck and can be very hard to unbutton. Plus, with the buttons being set in the elastic the elastic stretches out over time and the buttons just pop off. I took my current pair to a boot repair store, got a little reinforcement leather under the buttons for $10, hasn't been a problem since.

Paddock Boots: It makes me sad that Ariats are the most comfortable boots out there because their quality has gone to crap. Granted, I'm very VERY hard on my boots but I (nor can ANY trainer at my barn) cannot get more then a year or a year and a half out of my COBALTS. The heritages would last like, a month. :-) Unfortunately I have yet to find a better pair that look and feel as good.

Helmets: Are you planning on showing? Helmets fit people differently and I really feel that it's important to go try them on and see 1) what's best for your head shape and 2) what looks the best on you (mainly important if you're interested in showing).
SSV- Heard a lot of great things about them. Even seen some on the A circuit.
Elite Ultra - i almost bought this. heard it's comfortable. don't see many.
Charles Owens- Becoming the more popular brand on the A circuit. CO's have a few models and they're made to fit different head shapes. These look TEEEERRIBLE on me. Humorously bad. The Wellingtons? Look fabulous. Night and day difference. Great quality helmet, very comfortable once you get the right one.

Ahh, and breeches. Some people collect halters, saddlepads... I collect breeches. :-) (don't worry, I wear them all until they fall apart!) What kind do you want, show breeches? schooling tights? Summer/winter? Price range?

mudypony 12-23-2009 01:11 AM

Thanks again for all the replies!

I'm definately going to go with the Tredstep half chaps. I really want a pair that will hold up to daily use for longer than a few months. As for the helmet, I currently have an IRH so I know that the fit my head shape. I'm looking for a helmet that's good for both schooling and showing. I really like the Elite Ultra, but I'm not sure if it would be ideal for hunter shows with all the vents and everything.

I'm still undecided about paddock boots and breeches. For the breeches I'm going to be heading to a tack store after Christmas, and will try on every pair in my size. I really want a pair that's comfy and good for schooling and showing. I currently have Kerrits, but I wish they came in a darker tan color because their tan fades to almost a cream color after use. I would love to get a pair of FITS breeches, but they are so expensive. Lastly, for the paddock boots I'm still searching. I'm so dissapointed in the low quality of the newer Ariats. I remember when I could get atleast 3 years out of a pair of Ariat boots and now I'm extremely lucky to get a year. I do agree that they are so comfy but the quality has just gone downhill. That's why I was searching for suggestions on other brands that are better quality but still comfy.

Anyways, any other reccomendations would be highly appreciated.

rocky pony 12-23-2009 05:28 AM

I really like my tuffrider breeches.
and I got these other ones called on course naturals from dover super cheap, they were on sale..I'm pretty happy with them too. but the tuffriders are definitely my favourite.

upnover 12-24-2009 12:57 PM

Rockyxpony- I agree COMPLETELY! Funny, I was thinking either TuffRiders or Cotton Naturals too!

TuffRiders are generally my favorite brand. I think most run rather small but the fit is perfect for my body type. They also last, which for me is a priority. I just bought a few pairs at the They have some fabulous deals going on. I got a few pairs of the f3 side zips and right now they have them going for $60. EXCELLENT price for coolmax breeches and I wear them at A shows. I bought a pair of the Legends and they look great, just like tailored sportsmens, but the calves are huge and won't fit under my tall boots so I returned them.
On Course Cotton naturals are excellent quality (very thick and durable), look great, and last forever. Check those out as well!

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