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AbbieWalters 12-22-2009 12:34 AM

Jesse James relations anyone?
Ok well my uncles mother passed away about a year ago and she had HAND RAISED and TRAINED her great grandson Jesse James stud and that horse is PERFECT! 18 years old but still kickin lol, when I was 5 I would ride that horse bareback and anywere i wanted with out being led by an adult and when a ATV went zipping by very loud that horse wouldnt even flinch and I am now 12. He was trained as a roping horse and a barrel horse and was and IS the calmest horse in this entire world considering the fact that he is a STUD!!:-o A few months ago my uncle gave him away for free to a ranch some were in Cleveland Texas and I forgot the ranch name, I live in Splendora so I am relitively close to it. I begged my dad to let me keep him but he said no because he is a stud, but because he is the best horse ever and my uncle didnt want anything to do with him so he just gave him up for free. He is in fact registerd and has papers but they lost the papers but I wish I could have kept that beautiful buckskin. I swear he is the niceist horse in the world and dont have a mean bone in his body. He is a VERY expensive horse and I am suprised my uncle gave him away but he dosent like horses to begin with so he didnt know what to do. If you have any horses related to him that be cool if you would tell me there name and some info just for the heck of it lol.

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