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JayDee1608 11-15-2007 12:31 PM

Is this typical for a 3-yr-old?
So my draft cross is my first 'baby'. I did have a horse in high school that was somewhat untrained, but he had the basic foundations and he was older.

Boomer is only three, but huge (half percheron). I have been doing a lot of natural horsemanship groundwork with him (Clinton Anderson methods specifically), which have helped greatly with getting his respect and teaching him space issues. He has definitely been getting better.

I didn't get out to see him for like 10 days because I had grad school mid-term assignments and marking to do, so I was really bogged down. During this period my coach said he got really naughty. He was apparently very pushy and when the farrier came he was trying to kick and sit on him. While he's always been a tad pushy, the kicking and sitting thing was totally unexpected! He's never done ANYTHING like that before. My coach said it's typical 3-yr-old behaviour, but I was wondering if younger horses are more likely to act like this if you don't work with them more regularly or something? It was just a complete personality switch for him. Generally, while he is a giant lapdog that you have to be firm with in regards to space issues, he's never mean or done anything like kick. :shock:

Spirithorse 11-15-2007 03:49 PM

I think it is typical behavior. He's young, and maybe now he's starting to test boundaries with other people for the dominant position. That's my take on it anyway.

Vidaloco 11-15-2007 04:17 PM

I always figure the younger the horse the shorter the memory. You will have to do some reminder work with him. I love Clinton Anderson's methods and use his "woking with foals, weanlings and yearlings" DVD's. Good stuff!
There are some rougher farriers out there too so don't rule that out completely. I had a farrier that worked on a foal from the day she was born till he had to quit for health issues. She never gave him a bit of trouble. I had been picking up her feet since she was tiny so she knew what was expected. The new farrier, she gave him hell, rearing, falling kicking you name it. I couldn't see any difference in what they were doing to her, she just didn't like him I guess.

Sara 11-15-2007 04:51 PM

Yeah, could be either, tbh.

laceyf53 11-16-2007 12:00 AM

It also kinda depends on what he's used to. I always hold my 3 yr old when he is having his feet done, and he puts his head on my shoulder and that's just how he does it. If I'm not there when the farrier comes, he freaks out simply because he's used to me being there with him. Could be something similar with your horse, if he is used to a certain person handling him and a certain routine he could be acting up because he's not used to it. Or maybe he was just having a bad day, that happens too, especially with young horses.

TxHorseMom 11-19-2007 10:37 AM

The other thing you have to consider is that while your horse respects YOU it doesn't mean that he respects other people. Horses react differently (especially young horses) to different people. I certainly don't think 10 days is an abnormal length of time off from training. Remember, they need a break too. He's still just a baby mentally. Draft horses IMO are more naturally pushy. Their bigger and tend to get away with it more. And if people (others, not you) let him get away with it, then it's their fault, not yours.

I agree that as he gets older he MAY get out of this,(as he mentally matures) but he may not. Just depends on the horse.

JenaCarrera 11-22-2007 04:03 PM

To be completely honest, if you don't go out to see your horse or do anything with him for ten days, you should be expecting behavior like what you described, and worse. My mare is 6 and she has the best manners in the world. If i leave her for 3 days, its like a complete 180 behavior wise. Just realize that with most horses, no matter the age, they will always react in such a manner. Its the tendency of the horse.

TxHorseMom 11-24-2007 01:07 PM

Sorry Jenna, I have to totally disagree with you. We have horses that have been out in the pastures for MONTHS (we have 23 horses) and we can pull them out, saddle them up and go for a ride. We've had babies that can only be worked with maybe once a week. They still remember their lessons. (for the most part)

Now, I will agree that if a horse is stalled for ten days, and doesn't get any exercise at all, then he/she will have a tendancy to act up. (at least at first)

Delregans Way 11-24-2007 03:15 PM

I agree with Txhorsemom, jeez if i was locked up in a small confined space i would be a bit testy 6 days later!! :roll:
Ever heard that saying "Terrorable Three"?? Because he is a large breed this doesnt help the fact that all three year olds think they are 10 foot high and bullet proof... he just needs to figure out where he stands. Mr. Anderson, isnt big in Australia, but Vidaloco seems to like it, but i have had nothing to do with him, you hear good and bad storys about him, but hey as long as it is doing the trick aye :wink:

jazzyrider 11-24-2007 05:54 PM

i always thought clinton anderson was originally australian as its called downunder horsemanship and on the website there is a map of australia in the logo and the odd kangaroo avatar in places :?

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