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AQHA_lover_4ever 01-22-2007 01:39 PM

Quarter Horses!!!!
Okay, who here loves Quarter Horses?? They're pretty much the best breed out there. Anyone else agree with me???

barnrat 01-22-2007 06:27 PM

There not my absolute favorite breed but there great for all-around work! :D

mynameisntlola 01-22-2007 06:43 PM

Not the best but just about. I think the best would be paints... with quarter bloodlines, not thoroughbred, although I do love thoroughbreds.

Our boyjack 01-23-2007 02:09 AM

Can't get better I reckon
Here is mine Only 16mths

I can't upload the pics, is there a prob?

Our boyjack 01-23-2007 04:47 AM

Hi here are the pic. Took me a bit not sure what happen...
This is Ima seeker revenge. or Flash
he is 16mths and is just beautiful within...

Hope you like

COME on everyone put your QH up. Love to see more.

Breeza 01-28-2007 12:43 AM


Yep i would agree that they are the best horse breed.
i have a 5 yr old quarter horse Kirra Lee Royal Te whose sire was Tashmere.
ne wayz the are just so reliable and loving and trustworthy mounts!!

QHGurl 02-01-2007 01:24 PM

me me me!!
Quarter horses are the absolute best horses ever (yes i know thats an opionion!) The only breed i will buy!

What kind of QH do you have??

Breeza 02-02-2007 02:18 AM

[img] hey, can sum one tell me how to put pics up. lol
im new to this[/img]

Our boyjack 02-02-2007 03:53 AM

All you need to do it click on the (upload picture) it will take you through your browse. Click on the browse then select your pic. You should not have any probs. Let me know

Our boyjack 02-02-2007 03:59 AM

[color=blue]New pics of Flash. Starting to fill out more.
Has anyone got some, love to see them..[/

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