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Thatgirlsacowboy 12-25-2009 12:18 AM

Embarrassing stories?
My best friend came in while I was on the computer and proceeded to rub my shoulders. He knew I was really sore from riding, and being a good friend, asked me if he was hurting me. Without thinking I replied:

"No, It's okay... I like it rough...."

-slaps forehead-

I didn't understand WHY he burst out laughing, spitting chunks of slim jims everywhere untill AFTER he explained it to me. High-five, me.

Lets hear some of your embarrassing stories.

Wallaby 12-25-2009 12:35 AM

Oh man, I think I would have died of embarrassment right there. Hahaha

I can think of a super embarrassing one but I'm not really sure it'd be appropriate seeing as how it involves me saying "I love-the name of a vegetable with -ness on the end-" repeatedly and not getting that said vegetable name plus -ness is not something one should be saying in public. Especially when you're saying you love it. I totally didn't make the connection until my mother, of all awkward people, explained the other meaning of what I was saying since I totally wasn't getting what was wrong with what I was saying. Hahahahahaha Maybe you can figure out what I was saying. Hahaha

Another one that I can think of off the top of my head- I was talking to this boy I really like, we're kinda friends so it made it less embarassing but still. I said "that makes sense" in response to something he had said. But he misheard me and heard "That makes sex" and was like "What? That's moving a little fast don't you think?" Hahahahahaha we figured out what he had heard and what I had said and I explained to him that he had misheard me. He got SO embarassed (which was rather really adorable). But it was really funny (for me mostly), and totally embarassing for both of us. Yeah, awkward turtle! Funnily enough, that did not kill the conversation, we talked for 3 more hours after that. haha

SmoothTrails 12-25-2009 01:06 AM

What is the vegetable??? I'm so I keep trying to think of vegetables, but I can't come up with anything awkward to put there.

Wallaby 12-25-2009 01:08 AM


Originally Posted by SmoothTrails (Post 500029)
What is the vegetable??? I'm so I keep trying to think of vegetables, but I can't come up with anything awkward to put there.

Think green, small and circular. Hahaha

TaMMa89 12-25-2009 06:03 AM

When I was younger I didn't know the difference between 'organism' and that other, almost same adult-ish word. I learned the difference when I started to explain something to my friend and she corrected me (I was 14 then).

Thatgirlsacowboy 12-25-2009 03:45 PM

Wait... A cucumber? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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