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LadyRichards 12-27-2009 10:08 AM

Cribbing Help
Yes I had a stray horse end up beside my pasture, because of econmy I figured someone couldnt afford him and dropped him off. Well I have never had a cribber and he is one. Im sadden that know one wants them. I am going to keep him, I have heard some people havent had any health problems with cribbers and some have. He only seems to crib in two areas and my husband has moved the electric wire over more hopping this will stop him.

He is a beautiful horse and im going to do everything I can for him, for I feel that it would be hard to find him a good home because of this problem he has. And suggestions or help would be wonderful.

justsambam08 12-27-2009 11:15 AM

I'm assuming he's on grass since he's in a pasture, so thats good. Have a vet out, since he's a stray anyway, and get the basic vet check done but also see if you can check for ulcers. Sometimes those are the cause. In addition to the grass if you can give him some good quality hay (we feed an alfalfa/coastal hay mix) either in a huge roll that you can put in the pasture, or in bales and then get him separated to feed him twice a day.

Also try cribbing collars, although I haven't had much luck with those with my cribber. You could also try a grazing muzzle that allow the horse to graze/drink water, but not put his mouth on anything.

LadyRichards 12-27-2009 11:20 AM

Yes thank you he is on some grass of course due to winter not as much as summer time, but we only feed alfalfa hay and he gets feed twice a day 10% pellets I just feel in love with him and people around here dont want horses that crib so im going to get him a grazing muzzle or what ever it is that should work and call the vet on Monday. I posted lost horse add but know one has came forward I think the cribbing is why they didnt want him, thank you so much will have vet check for everything.

SouthCreekPaints 12-27-2009 11:44 AM

Several solutions:
Cribbing Collor -there are 2 types,leather and metal. Both have to be checked from to time to make sure they havnt turned/twisted, and to make sure it hasnt rubbed the hair off and made sores. I had a bad bad bad cribber. It worked really well for her.
Cribbing paste - your wipe it on the area they crib on. It tastes bad
Hot wire-you are trying that
Hot sauce - same as paste

Cribbers cant help it. Its an addiction,mental and even physical. But like any addiction if you can totally keep them from doing it for a couple months they should stop.

Cribbing is done for several reasons...being bored. A lot of stalled horses start this problem. OR some wood has natural asprin and they get addicted to it.

Problems it causes: Bad teeth.It ruins their mouth. Colic due to the air they suck in. And its hard to keep a mare pregnant that cribbs. The pressure causes an early abortion.

justsambam08 12-27-2009 12:42 PM

How much of the "feed" do you give him? What kind is it also? (senior, performance, etc) If he does have ulcers, the feed can irritate it and cause him to crib more often.

Also, be careful with the hot wire. You'll have to put it up EVERYWHERE he may crib, including around trees in the pasture and any solid surfaces (like the roof of a goat barn, for example--my TB did this) because the more desperate they get, the more creative they get.

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