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gus_is-my_baby- 11-17-2007 11:08 AM

i need to vent!!!
i have three horses, Gus, Fred and Ala. ya weird names but Ala is special here is her story...Ala was a racing horse but was no longer able to race because she was slowing down toward her older age. My mother is divorced and when she met this man named Quincy she suddenly knew she was going to marry him. After a while he did ask her to marry him and as a gift he would give her Ala. Ala has had an interesting life she raced and won worlds best barrel raceing horse and then no one was going to take after her and she sat in the pasture and ate, that was all she could do. Then she came to me, she was skinny and needed brushing, i am sorry if this bores u, anyway lately we found out that she has authuritus and it has been going down ill from there, she was turning colic about a month ago and she got over it but about a week ago she was laying around and my mom checked on her and she is colic afain and now it is worse. that is all thank u for listening!!!

DGW1949 11-17-2007 10:38 PM

You need to get Ala back up on his(her?) feet and try to walk him(her?) around. In it's current condition, that may be hard to do but it needs to be done. DO NOT just let it lay there.
If possible, one of the adults involved in this needs to get ahold of a Vet for help. And they need to do that perty-fast.
If that's not possible, once you get the horse on it's feet, give it a pint of mineral oil (you can buy it at a grocery store in a quart bottle) and afterwards, walk it around untill it has some sort of a bowel movement.
If you get it to walking around and if nothing has happened after a couple of hours goes by...... give it the other pint.
IF and WHEN it's condition improves, let it eat only small amounts of hay but do not give it any sort of feed. And be very carefull to make certain that it's hay AND it's drinking water is clean. Ya don't want the horse to take-in any dirt or sand.
Hopefully, the horse will be OK. If so, you'll still need to keep a close eye on it for a while.

Beings how Ala is new to you, you should also watch to see if he(she?) is a cribber. Cribbing often leads to colicing....So if that is part of the problem, you'll need to take some steps to prevent it from cribbing....or at least as much as possible.

Now here's the important part.......
I aint a Vet and I haven't seen your horse. The things I've mentioned are old "home remidies". As such, they are only things to try if ya can't get a Vet involved.
In any case, they are NOT a substitute for proper medical care.

No matter what, you still need to get a Vet involved in the care of Ala. And while your at it, check on the feasability of starting the horse on some sort of treatment-plan to address the arthritus. Arthritus aint uncommon in race horses. And it is treatable, often with great success.

Good luck.

gus_is-my_baby- 11-18-2007 09:51 AM

thank you!!! in my message i forgot to ad that she went to the vet and he gave her some medicine and also my mom might get rid of her she is also very very very hard to ride since she hadnt been riding in 3 years and no she doesnt crib she licks alot tho

HorsesAreForever 11-23-2007 12:53 PM

does she still have colic hopefully not but just because she hasnt been ridding in 3 yrs doesnt mean she cant learn my horse hasnt cantered in 2 yrs before he came to me and im retraining him to jump and canter it takes time dont just ship her off for those reason she can learn see if u can get a trainer or work with her she'll learn in time

huntergrl 11-27-2007 10:14 AM

My best friends first horse got the same way in her older age. She was from the race track when our trainer got her so she was still somewhat young. Then she jumped and won alot at that. My best friend bought her and had her for about 8 years. Something about all that racing or barrelracing early on brings on the arthiritis later on in life in some horses. She got it bad in her hip and started collicing alot. Finally she was just in so much pain with her hip she couldn't be just put out to pasture anymore. The vet said she would have to be put down so she could stop suffering so bad. It was the saddest moment because I remembered that horse when I first started taking lessons before my friend even bought it. She was so special to all of us so she was buried behind the barn and my friend planted a beautiful apple tree on top for rememberance. Hopefully your horse is not at this point yet but arthritis always gets worse, even in humans.

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