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tim62988 06-30-2014 03:18 PM

Girth Galls
I'm having some terrible issues with my thin skinned tennessee walker.

wrong halter will rub if left on for too long, grazing muzzle rubs without 2 fleece liners, and the girth goes in/out of rubbing.

I have tried an airflex & an older textured neoprene (with felt lining) both have ended up rubbing

I have tried various amounts of tension from way to lose to a bit tighter than I would consider "ideal" just to see if that was where the issue was.

Most of our trails are sandy so I'm guessing that is one of the issues as I have noticed the problem is much more pronounced after the days of sandy trails, but even on the days we ride at other locations the sores still occur at times.

so I figured those of you that are riding longer distances, varying conditions, and thin skinned horses would have some ideas for me to try.

do I go the route of a mohair string cinch? a merino wool cinch?

I have read about putting vasaline or show sheen under the girth (but keeping away from the saddle) to help everything stay more comfortable, does it work? or just a band-aid for the wrong cinch?

I personally like the sound of the merino wool since I love a merino sock, and was told about one that one can buy replacement linings for so I could have a fresh/clean cover every day while we camp, then wash 3-4 liners at once or let one dry while riding in another but can't remember the brand, Professionals Choice has them with a removable lining but I have yet to find the replacement liners...

Dustbunny 06-30-2014 03:32 PM

My personal preference is a mohair string cinch/girth.
You may also have a problem with rigging placement, depending on your style saddle. If the cinch is too far forward you can get some nasty galls.
Anywho, I like mohair string because it allows air, but it has to be in the right place.

Saddlebag 06-30-2014 04:38 PM

Neoprene causes the skin to break down. Mohair will draw moisture away which keeps the skin cooler. Now that the galls are there, even when healed, they will open up again as you're dealing with scar tissue. An old cowboy trick was to place a piece of real sheepskin over the sore, a piece about the size of the cinch ring. The belief was it protected the gall and the lanolin helped it heal.

Dreamcatcher Arabians 06-30-2014 04:40 PM

Gall Salve Weaver Livestock Supply (Health Care - Wound Care)

Weaver AirFlex Roll Snug Straight Cinch -

I rub gall salve on my thin skinned cremello and then use this cinch and he has not had a gall since the first one.

tim62988 06-30-2014 07:43 PM

the saddle is an Abetta and it has 2 rings, one right under the fender and one a bit farther back so not sure what my options would be for changing the rigging, or did you mean just the saddle itself sitting in the wrong position?

I use a product called Fiskes:

which works quite well at clearing the galls up (also good for fly repellent and applying to other wounds, we use it on our horses & I have some customers using it on their cows for different issues)

would be nice to go back to my airflex if it's just a matter of changing the rigging as it was easy to clean at the end of a ride and would be dry for the next day vs buying a few cinches to cover me for multi day rides

churumbeque 06-30-2014 07:58 PM

Post a photo. That may help to see where the galls are

Dustbunny 06-30-2014 08:29 PM


Originally Posted by tim62988 (Post 5708930)
the saddle is an Abetta and it has 2 rings, one right under the fender and one a bit farther back so not sure what my options would be for changing the rigging, or did you mean just the saddle itself sitting in the wrong position?

Many saddles have only one front rigging choice, and it is too far forward for some horses. I had Fabtron like that. The saddle went to a new owner and my horse was okay with another saddle. The saddle could too far forward or a bad fit, also.
A photo would help us.

tim62988 06-30-2014 08:37 PM

I will try to get a photo of my mare tomorrow or wednesday with and without the saddle so you guys can get a better idea of what I'm working with :-)

smrobs 06-30-2014 09:04 PM

I second (or third) trying a mohair string cinch. If I don't let them get too nasty/dirty and I keep them adjusted correctly, I don't have problems with them galling even the most sensitive horses. Oh, and stay away from roper style cinches and the ones that have leather binding in the center like this

The roper style takes up more room and can make the galls worse if you are already having a fit problem. As for the leather middle, that will gall a horse like nobody's business.

You'll want to stick to this type, a regular straight cinch, with a nylon center...and make sure you keep it centered on the horse.

Also, when I was training for the public, I bought this stuff in bulk. Some may not believe me when I say so, but this actually helps the gall heal without having to give the horse time off. Just slather on a nice layer before the ride, rinse them off and slather on some more after the ride, and all but the very worst galls will be healed in just a few days. It won't sweat off and water won't rinse it off, plus, it keeps the bugs off the wound without having to apply any stinging fly spray to the area. I've used it on myself when I got a scrape or rope burn up at the barn (not something I'd use before a night on the town though as it does have a smell that most would consider unpleasant, not bad smelling, just not good either :wink:).
Gall Salve Weaver Livestock Supply (Health Care - Wound Care)

ETA: Hahaha, I didn't realize I was linking the same salve as Dreamcatcher :lol:. Great minds think alike, it's amazing stuff.

Dreamcatcher Arabians 06-30-2014 10:31 PM

LOL! Yeah, I can't imagine not having Bickmore Gall Salve around! It's so good, I figure it's bound to get banned for some stupid reason.

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