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ChingazMyBoy 01-02-2010 08:33 PM

The Best Lesson!

So I had my first eventing lesson. We worked on trotting poles that had a one stride distance and he actually didn't hit one :D. Then after that she set up a ground pole, stride, cross rail. I was half thinking that he woud jump from the ground pole so Aamelia explained to me to keep him moving forward over the poll. She also worked on half halts with me over the ground poles people he tends to rush at them. So she asked me to do a large cicle, half halt and then go over the ground polls. He did really well. Then we tried it with our jump, again went really well. But he had his problem. He always ducks to the left and stops a metre from the jump. So Aamelia said to open up my right rein over the jump and really hold on my left leg, as if he was ducking out to the left, before the jump. It worked. Soon I had a straight line after the jump. She told me to make him turn right and I qoute her exact words "Make him turn right even if he looks feral!" I suddenly have a new found respect for this instructor :D.

Then Aamelia asked me to canter him over our cross rail after we did it on both reins at a trot a few times. Last time I cantered him over a jump he threw me to canter him over the ground pole, stride, cross rail. I was a bit funny about this for two reasons, the first one was that previously going over it at a trot he had taken both the ground pole and the jump. In other words he jumped from the ground poll and I was a bit funny about doing this from the canter and last time I cantered him over a jump he threw me. So Aamelia hopped on him and REALLY made him work. I was amazed at his head carrige, he truly collected. I was shocked at how well he worked. But he was a tiny bit naughty at the canter and kept trying to buck, so Aamelia sorted him out. After her giving him a 20 minute work out, I hoped back on for a walk and Aamelia explained flexing and bending. She got me to put him on a circle and asked me to bend him. I got a really good result. Aamelia explained everything really well. :D. I now understand alot more things and its one of the best learning experiances. So here are some photos and I'll upload some videos as well.

Circle -- Well someones looking good! Pink Gloves.
Cantering for Aamelia, yes shes riding in vollies.

Jumping with Aamelia,

Aamelia took him for a canter.

Back to trot. Nice and exstended.

Aamelia said I was only allowed to pat him when he did something excellent.

Aamelia trys one more canter. ..

Aamelia also got me to rein back, she told me that in dressage tests (higher level) that you do three or four steps, so we worked on that. He did really well!

ChingazMyBoy 01-02-2010 09:47 PM

gypsygirl 01-02-2010 09:56 PM

im glad you had a great lesson =D

ChingazMyBoy 01-02-2010 10:30 PM

anrz 01-03-2010 10:48 AM

It looks like she's a very skilled rider! It's great that you had a good lesson! It sounds like you guys have already learned quite a bit.

eventerdrew 01-03-2010 11:00 AM

Glad you found a trainer that works for you and Chinga! It's great when that happens. Yay!

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