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dw9501 01-03-2010 05:32 PM

Rowdy Gelding
We have three horses which we recently put in the same pasture.

One is a 9 year old mare (not the colts mother), one 6 mth old colt, and the other is a 2.5 yr old gelding. The gelding was gelding was cut late (at 2 yrs) and has been aggressive to the other horses. He will run around the mare and charge, buck and kick often. He constantly chases the colt off or chases him bitting at the colt. So far he has not hurt either horse.

He was funny today, we put out a round bale and he would get a mouth full then hold his head high (hay hanging out) and prance around. I think he still thinks he is a stallion.

I have started putting the mare and colt in the barn/pen and leaving the gelding out at night just so the colt gets a break.

Any suggestions. I am thinking we may have to separate him again. Hoping time will help (they have been together a week).

HalterHorsePaints 01-03-2010 07:33 PM

i would seperate the colt from the mare and put the mare and geld together to see what hes like. then put the colt and geld together and see what hes like. their is an old saying never put proud geldings with mares and babies. the gelding is trying to rule the roost with the mare.

SmoothTrails 01-03-2010 07:41 PM

I would follow the above advice. I'm surprised your mare hasn't whooped it out of him yet. Ours normally teach anything we put in the pasture good manners within a week. :)

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